Estimize Review

Estimize is a financial data platform that provides users with crowd-sourced earnings and revenue estimates for publicly traded companies. Founded in 2011 by Leigh Drogen, the platform is designed to provide more accurate and transparent estimates by tapping into the collective wisdom of a diverse community of investors, analysts, and industry experts. In this review, we’ll explore the key features of Estimize, how it works, and its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Estimize Review
Estimize Review

How Estimize works

Estimize’s approach to earnings and revenue estimates is fundamentally different from traditional Wall Street research. Instead of relying on a small group of analysts to make predictions, Estimize crowdsources estimates from a broad range of contributors, including professional investors, academics, and independent analysts. The platform also incorporates machine learning algorithms to identify and filter out biased or low-quality estimates, resulting in a more accurate and representative consensus.

Users can access Estimize’s estimates for free on the company’s website, which provides a detailed breakdown of the consensus estimate, as well as the individual high and low estimates. Estimize also offers a range of paid services, including API access for developers, custom data feeds, and real-time alerts for key events.

Key Features of Estimize

  1. Crowdsourcing: Estimize’s crowdsourcing approach enables a broader range of contributors to provide estimates, which can lead to more accurate and diverse consensus estimates.
  2. Machine Learning: Estimize’s machine learning algorithms help filter out low-quality estimates and detect biases, leading to more accurate consensus estimates.
  3. Transparency: Estimize provides a detailed breakdown of individual estimates, allowing users to see the range of opinions and perspectives that contribute to the consensus.
  4. Customizable Data: Estimize offers a range of paid services for developers and financial professionals who need more granular or customized data feeds.
  5. Real-time Alerts: Estimize’s real-time alerts enable users to stay on top of key events and changes to earnings and revenue estimates as they happen.

Benefits of using Estimize

  1. Accuracy: Estimize’s crowdsourced approach and machine learning algorithms have been shown to produce more accurate earnings and revenue estimates than traditional Wall Street research.
  2. Transparency: Estimize’s transparency and detailed breakdown of individual estimates make it easier for users to understand the sources and biases of the consensus.
  3. Customization: Estimize’s customizable data feeds and APIs enable developers and financial professionals to access the data they need in a format that works for them.
  4. Real-time Alerts: Estimize’s real-time alerts help users stay on top of changes to estimates and key events as they happen, allowing them to react quickly and make informed decisions.

Drawbacks of using Estimize

  1. Crowdsourcing Limitations: Estimize’s crowdsourcing approach may be less effective for companies with a smaller pool of contributors or less visibility in the market.
  2. Biases and Noise: While Estimize’s machine learning algorithms can help filter out biased or low-quality estimates, there is still the potential for noise and biases to affect the consensus.
  3. Cost: While Estimize’s estimates are free to access on the website, the platform’s paid services can be expensive for individual investors or small financial firms.


Estimize offers a unique and innovative approach to earnings and revenue estimates that has the potential to be more accurate and transparent than traditional Wall Street research. By crowdsourcing estimates from a diverse community of contributors and using machine learning algorithms to filter out biases and noise, Estimize provides users with a more accurate and representative consensus. While there are limitations and potential drawbacks to using Estimize, overall it is a valuable tool for investors, analysts, and financial professionals who are looking for more accurate and customizable financial data.

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