Falcon Scalper Pro

The Falcon Scalper Pro is a sophisticated trading robot designed specifically for forex trading. It operates based on a Trend Following strategy and is capable of trading in various sessions.

In this review, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the Falcon Scalper Pro, discussing its features, strengths, weaknesses, and risk management approach. By examining these aspects, readers will gain valuable insights to determine whether the Falcon Scalper Pro is a suitable option for their trading needs. Let’s delve into the details and explore what the Falcon Scalper Pro has to offer.

Falcon Scalper Pro Strategy

Falcon Scalper Pro is a forex trading robot that implements the Trend Following strategy across various market sessions. It is designed to analyze the market without relying on outdated indicators or patterns. Instead, it utilizes an artificial intelligence algorithm to identify the prevailing trend, volatility, and make trading decisions based on this analysis.

Falcon Scalper Pro
Falcon Scalper Pro

The primary focus of Falcon Scalper Pro is on the EURUSD M1 chart, but it can also be adapted for trading on other currency pairs such as GBPUSD, USDJPY, and USDCAD at the M1 timeframe. It adheres to the First In, First Out (FIFO) rule, which ensures trades are closed in the order they were opened to comply with regulatory requirements.

Falcon Scalper Pro’s strength lies in its trend-following approach. By capturing trends, the robot aims to enter the market at opportune moments, aligning with the prevailing market direction. This approach aims to take advantage of potential price movements.

Falcon Scalper Pro
Falcon Scalper Pro

The EA’s ability to analyze market volatility is another strength. Incorporating volatility analysis into its decision-making process allows Falcon Scalper Pro to make informed trading decisions. By considering market volatility, it aims to optimize its trading strategy.

Falcon Scalper Pro also benefits from the utilization of an artificial intelligence algorithm. This algorithm enhances the EA’s ability to predict future trends, aiding in decision-making. By leveraging advanced algorithms, the EA aims to make informed judgments based on the available data.

However, Falcon Scalper Pro has limitations. It is primarily designed for the EURUSD M1 chart and may have limited adaptability compared to EAs that operate across multiple timeframes and currency pairs. Additionally, as a trend-following strategy, it may face challenges in ranging or choppy markets where trends are less pronounced. These limitations could impact the effectiveness of the EA’s trading performance.

Regarding risk management, Falcon Scalper Pro should ideally incorporate features such as stop-loss orders and take-profit levels to limit potential losses and manage risk exposure. Position sizing techniques may also be implemented to align with account size and risk tolerance.

Before deploying Falcon Scalper Pro on a live trading account, it is advisable to test its performance using a demo account. A demo account provides a simulated trading environment where traders can evaluate the EA’s functionality and performance. It allows for thorough testing of the EA’s capabilities and suitability for individual trading goals.

Falcon Scalper Pro Features

  • Trend Following strategy
  • Compatible with forex trading
  • Operates in multiple trading sessions
  • Focuses primarily on the EURUSD M1 chart
  • Adaptable for trading on GBPUSD, USDJPY, and USDCAD at the M1 timeframe with adjustments
  • Fully compliant with the First In, First Out (FIFO) rule
  • Market analysis without reliance on obsolete indicators or patterns
  • Utilizes an artificial intelligence algorithm for trend prediction
  • Enters trades based on volatility analysis
  • Incorporates stop-loss orders and take-profit levels for risk management
  • Offers position sizing techniques to manage risk exposure
  • Provides the ability to test performance in a demo account

Falcon Scalper Pro Settings

  • Lot – Lot amount with autolot disabled
  • Autolot – Enable autolot or disable it
  • Risk – Risk for autolot calculation
  • Magic Number – Id for identifying EA orders
  • Spread Allowed – Spread limit, over which no trade will be opened
  • Fixed Start Hour – Hour for starting trading
  • Fixed Stop Hour – Hour for stopping trading
  • Enable Buy – Enable Buy trade
  • Enable Sell – Enable Sell trade
  • Take Profit – Take profit for orders
  • Stop Loss – Stop loss for orders
  • Enable Trailing Stop – Enable Trailing Stop
  • Start only in Profit – Start trading only if Stop loss is in profit
  • Trailing Stop in Points – Trailing Stop value in points
  • Trailing Step in Points – Trailing Step value in points
  • Enable Bars to Close – Close trades after a fixed number of bars
  • Bars to Close – Number of bars for closing a trade
  • Change Chart Color – Change Chart Color in Scalper Pro Colors
  • Show Panel – Show trading panel of the EA
  • Show Error – Show error messages if something is wrong
  • Trade Comment – Comment for a trade

Falcon Scalper Pro Summary

Falcon Scalper Pro is a forex trading robot that employs a trend-following strategy and adapts to various currency pairs. It analyzes the market based on volatility and an artificial intelligence algorithm, offering traders an automated solution for trend following.

The strengths of Falcon Scalper Pro include its time-saving automation and adaptability to different currency pairs. However, it is important to demo test the EA to assess its performance and apply proper risk management settings, such as defining lot sizes and stop-loss levels. While Falcon Scalper Pro offers advantages, it is not immune to market uncertainties and may encounter drawdowns or unfavorable conditions. Traders should monitor its performance and be prepared to intervene if necessary.Falcon Scalper Pro is suitable for traders seeking an automated trend-following system and are willing to test it thoroughly while applying risk management.

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