Fintokei Review

Fintokei Review
Fintokei Review

Fintokei, a new trading education and evaluation platform, launched in Japan in April 2023. Supported by Purple Holdings and Purple Technology, Fintokei is expanding into Europe. Despite lacking a listed address and registration details on its website, its innovative offerings have caught the attention of many in the trading community.

Key Offerings and Fees


  • Initial Fee: Traders pay about 5% of their “trading capital” to access a virtual trading account.
  • Potential Target: Reaching a 10% potential target returns the initial fee because of a 50% potential trading returns split.
  • Continued Trading: Trading continues unless the portfolio drops by 10% from its high point, which ends the session.
  • Drawdown Consequence: A 10% drop triggers a reset, requiring traders to start over.
  • Scaling: Accounts can grow up to 10 times the starting capital if traders meet the 10% potential target for two consecutive months at each level.
  • Maximum Potential Return Split: At the highest level, the potential return split can reach 90% for consistent performance over 14 months.


  • Initial Fee: Traders pay about 0.5% of the starting capital for access.
  • Potential Target and Scaling: Similar to SwiftTrader, with the potential for 10x scaling.
  • Additional Requirement: Includes a daily drawdown limit of 5%.

Trading Instruments and Leverage

  • Instruments: FX, metals, energies, and indices.
  • Currencies: Trading in JPY, USD, EUR, or CZK.


  • FX, Gold, and Silver: 1:100
  • Indices: 1:50
  • Other instruments: 1:20
Fintokei - Overview
Fintokei – Overview

Hedging and Risk Management

To manage payouts, Fintokei mirrors trades in real markets. Co-founder David Varga describes Fintokei as a modern prop trading firm, offering well-funded accounts to traders for regular earnings.

Regulatory and Legal Considerations

Fintokei’s structure is similar to the pachinko business model in Japan, regulated under the Amusement Business Act, which requires local licenses. This raises questions about its sustainability as Fintokei grows.

Tax Implications

  • Personal Taxation: Income from trading on Fintokei might be classified as “other income,” subject to individual tax rates.
  • Gambling Gains: Unlike tax-free gambling gains, income from trading would likely be taxed.

Fintokei Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Trading Education: Detailed education helps traders improve their skills.
  • Risk Management: Encourages responsible trading to minimize drawdowns.
  • Scalable Accounts: Potential for significant growth.
  • Immediate Earning Potential: Withdrawals are possible after 14 days.
  • Variety of Instruments: Supports diverse trading portfolios.
  • Backing by Established Companies: Benefits from the expertise and resources of Purple Holdings and Purple Technology.


  • High Initial Fees: One-time fees can be a barrier.
  • Strict Drawdown Rules: Requires careful risk management.
  • Lack of Transparency: No listed address or registration details.
  • Regulatory Uncertainty: May face regulatory challenges.
  • Tax Implications: Income might be taxed, reducing potential returns.
  • Real Money Risk: Initial fee is at risk if targets are not met.
  • Platform Dependence: Strict adherence to rules may limit trading flexibility.


In conclusion, Fintokei offers a unique approach to trading education and evaluation. With strong risk management practices and the potential for financial rewards, Fintokei is suitable for traders at various levels. Backed by Purple Holdings and Purple Technology, the platform combines industry expertise with innovative trading opportunities.

While Fintokei faces challenges like high initial fees, strict rules, and regulatory uncertainties, it remains a promising option for traders willing to navigate these requirements. As Fintokei expands into Europe, it will be interesting to see how it addresses these challenges and continues to innovate. For those ready to take on the challenge, Fintokei offers a path to improve trading skills and achieve financial success.

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