First Brick EA Review

First Brick EA Review
First Brick EA Review

The First Brick EA is a tool designed to revolutionize the investor’s trading journey. Crafted by the experienced trader, Hoang Danh Duc, this expert advisor brings together the twin pillars of risk management and trying to maximize the potential trading opportunities, trying to elevate the investor’s trading endeavors to new heights.

At its core, the First Brick EA tries to harness the power of advanced technical analysis, allowing it to identify potential trading setups with precision. The strategic decision-making feature tries to  make it an intelligent tool, where it navigates the complex Forex landscape with ease.

But what truly sets the First Brick EA apart is its versatility. Offering a diverse array of trading strategies, ranging from conservative approaches to those geared for high-risk, high-reward scenarios, it tries to cater to traders of all inclinations and risk appetites.

Moreover, the First Brick EA also tries to incorporate Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) across different timeframes, adding an extra layer of comprehensiveness to the investor’s trading arsenal. This tried-and-tested strategy not only helps to mitigate risk but also tries to enhance their potential to generate trading opportunities

Key Features and Benefits

  • Varied Risk Management Choices: The First Brick EA tries to cater to a diverse range of trading preferences by offering an array of risk management options. From conservative strategies designed for steady gains to high-risk, high-reward approaches tailored for the trader, its adaptability tries to ensure suitability for traders with varying risk appetites.
  • Strategic Timeframe Integration: Setting a new standard in decision-making accuracy, this forex EA integrates strategic timeframes into its operations. While leveraging the D1 timeframe to validate buy and sell zones, it employs the M15/H1 timeframes for Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), striking a delicate balance between frequency and precision in trading.
  • Risk-Return Ratio: Achieving an equilibrium, the First Brick EA tries to offer lower risk compared to alternative strategies while trying to generate potential trades. This risk-return ratio may try to empower traders to navigate the market with confidence, mitigating risk factors.
First Brick EA - Overview
First Brick EA – Overview

First Brick EA Features

  • Compatible with all MT4 platforms
  • Compatible with any currency pair
  • Offers a range of risk options, from safe to high-risk, high-return
  • Utilizes a smart timeframe strategy, incorporating D1 for buy/sell confirmation and DCA with M15/H1 for balance
  • Strategic trading frequency, opening trades 4-5 times per year per pair and 3-5 times per month across 8-10 pairs

First Brick EA Pros & Cons


  • Strategic Timeframe Integration: By integrating strategic timeframes into its operations, the EA tries to enhance decision-making accuracy. Utilizing the D1 timeframe for buy/sell confirmation and implementing Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with M15/H1 timeframes, it strikes a balance between frequency and precision in trading.
  • Balanced Risk-Return Ratio: The First Brick EA tries to achieve an equilibrium, offering lower risk compared to alternative strategies while generating potential trades. This balanced risk-return profile may tries to empower traders to navigate the market with confidence, mitigating risk without avoiding the generation of potential trades.
  • Optimized Trading Frequency: With a strategic approach to trading frequency, the EA may also tries to ensure market engagement while minimizing unnecessary exposure. By initiating trades approximately 4-5 times per year per pair and extending this approach across multiple currency pairs, it may tries to maximize trading opportunities while managing risk effectively.


  • Complexity for Novice Traders: While the First Brick EA offers extensive features and customization options, it may be overwhelming for novice traders to fully understand and utilize its capabilities effectively. A steep learning curve may deter beginners from fully maximizing the EA’s potential without proper guidance and experience.
  • Market Dependency: Like any trading tool, the performance of the First Brick EA is dependent on market conditions and volatility. While it is designed to adapt to different market environments, periods of extreme volatility or unexpected market fluctuations may impact its performance.
  • Potential for Drawdowns: Despite its risk management features, there is always a possibility of drawdowns when trading in the Forex market. Traders should exercise caution and adhere to proper risk management practices to mitigate potential drawdowns while using the First Brick EA.
  • Compatibility Limitations: While the First Brick EA is compatible with the widely used MT4 platform, it may not be suitable for traders who prefer alternative trading platforms. Limited compatibility options may restrict access for traders who rely on different trading platforms for their operations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the First Brick EA tries to represent an advancement in the realm of Forex trading, offering traders an array of features and capabilities to enhance their trading experience. With its risk management options, strategic timeframe integration, and unique ability to preserve potential trading opportunities for combination trades, the EA tries to provide traders with the tools they need to navigate the market with confidence and precision.

While the EA tries to boast potential in generating trading opportunities and a balanced risk-return ratio, traders should be mindful of the complexities involved and exercise caution to mitigate potential risks. Additionally, the EA’s compatibility limitations and dependency on market conditions should be taken into consideration when incorporating it into a trading strategy.

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