Flash Fx Scalper

The Flash Fx Scalper comprises non-repaint and powerful trend indicators which can automatically detect trend directions and guide you through precise buy/sell zones.

This system includes a trend analyzer, also known as a trading dashboard Indicator, that assists you in tracking the trend across all forex pairs on multi-timeframes. It delivers instant trend-reversal signals and also outlines dynamic support/resistance zones.

Furthermore, all the system indicators are customizable through the MT4 settings. So, you can easily change the parameters of the indicators to make the best use of the trading system.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to apply the Flash Fx Scalper to determine potential trading opportunities on MT4 charts.

What is Flash Fx Scalper?

The Flash FX Scalper employs a novel technique to illustrate price changes and trend-following buy/sell signals in MT4.

From a technical standpoint, this system is ideal for day and intraday trading in forex, stocks, and crypto markets.

This system does not display the standard line, bar, and candlestick charts. Instead, it uses sequential dots to display the price’s crucial points.

Flash Fx Scalper Chart Setup
Flash Fx Scalper Chart Setup

The Flash FX Scalper uses a modified pair of SMAs to identify price patterns that indicate short-term trend reversals. The technique plots a dot each time the price swings above or below a crucial position to determine the trend direction.

The price channel’s direction reveals the current trend pattern. For instance, in a market with a bullish trend, the Flash Dot will be visible above the SMA channel. The systems will display yellow arrows, confirming the buy trade opportunity.

Contrarily, the SMA channel will keep moving down during a bearish market. Consider the market is in a strong decline when the Flash dot appears below the MA levels. Go short with a stop loss above the SMA channel as soon as the system plots such bearish crossovers and displays a white arrow over the price candle’s high.

Additionally, the system comes with an on-screen chart switch panel. It enables you to access your desired trading instruments instantly.

Flash Fx Scalper Trading Strategy

Buy Signals

  • Dot signals start to appear above the SMA level.
  • The system displays a yellow arrow below the current price level.
  • Stop loss below the SMA.
  • Exit buy once the system delivers a white arrow signal.
Flash Fx Scalper Buy Signal
Flash Fx Scalper Buy Signal

Sell Signals

  • The dot signals show up below the SMA level.
  • The system displays a white arrow above the current price level.
  • Stop loss above the SMA.
  • Exit sell whenever the system shows a yellow arrow.
Flash Fx Scalper Sell Signal
Flash Fx Scalper Sell Signal

Flash Fx Scalper Pros & Cons


  • Closely tracks and examines price-action changes.
  • Determines solid trend-reversal positions.
  • Outlines dynamic support/resistance zones.
  • Signals trade entries & exits.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • It may generate frequent weak signals during flat trends and choppy markets.


The Flash Fx Scalper provides you with trend-following trade signals, including useful market insights. However, you may require further chart research before making final trading decisions. Since this system is missing a price level indicator, you can add support or resistance and trendlines alongside its other indicators, building a complete trading strategy with higher winning ratios.

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