FlowTrade Review

FlowTrade is a comprehensive trading platform and community that can be used to conduct thorough market analysis by users of all experience levels. The platform has a range of innovative features to help investors and traders to identify which way the smart money in the market is going. It is primarily geared towards providing the average retail trader with innovative and powerful algorithms which can discover information usually known by market makers and institutional traders. This can therefore give users an edge in their swing trading and day trading activities. In this FlowTrade Review, I will explore the software in detail, including what it does and the key features. Hopefully this will help to give you an idea whether the FlowTrade platform is something you may find useful implementing within your trading routine. Now without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is FlowTrade?

FlowTrade is an algorithmic trading system that has been developed by a team of experienced traders to help improve skill sets, provide mentoring and enhance individual trading strategies. They want to make institutional trading tools available to the retail trader.


Instead of speculating about market movements, you can follow the smart money. It is one of the only trading platforms available to retail traders that can specifically track market markers, dark pools, and institutions. You can see what decisions they are making in real time.

FlowTrade Features

Some of the key features of the FlowTrade platform include the following:

  • Real Time Buy/Sell Signals
  • Real Time Algo Flow & Block Trades
  • Dark Pool Trade Access
  • Trading Community Support
  • Educational Resources

The Flow Index

The flow index is a momentum indicator that measures the flow of money into and out of a security over a specified period of time. It can help to find behind the scene trades that are taken alongside the smart money whilst removing the speculation and guess work.

FlowTrade The Flow Index
FlowTrade The Flow Index

Dark Pools & Algo Flow

With FlowTrade, you can get exclusive access to the “dark pool” trades that are being taken by institutional investors which are normally hidden from retail traders for hours, days or even weeks. It does make you wonder why the popular trading platforms and brokerage firms don’t just supply this information to retail traders by default. Thankfully, FlowTrade can provide it at a fraction of the cost compared to similar products and services. You can also get alerts on big stock blocks with buy and sell orders along with puts and calls, all in real time to try and help you make smarter trades.

Dark Pools

A dark pool is a place where securities transactions take place in the dark, metaphorically speaking. Within dark pools, traders typically can’t see other parties’ information regarding buying and selling securities until a transaction goes through. These transactions are a type of alternative trading system (ATS) operated by a broker-dealer rather than going through a public exchange like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

FlowTrade Dark Pools
FlowTrade Dark Pools

Some investors like using dark pools because other players cannot see when they are executing larger orders. On public exchanges, traders can see a large order going through, and so can move the price against the investor conducting it.

Block Trades

A block trade is a large, privately negotiated securities transaction. Block trades are generally broken up into smaller orders and executed through different brokers to mask the true size. Block trades can be made outside the open market through a private purchase agreement.

Broker-dealers frequently buy and sell blocks of shares, either on behalf of clients or as part of a hedging strategy, which are large enough to move underlying share prices. During times of volatility, block trades tend to be more common.

Algo Flow

In simple terms, Algo Flow is an aggregated and cumulative representation of options flow at every minute of the day. In even simpler terms, Algo Flow illustrates the sentiment of market participants at all times.


The FlowTrade website has free access to a comprehensive selection of useful and easy to follow educational videos and guides that can help to improve your trading skills and knowledge. These are also helpful if you would like to learn more about FlowTrade and how you can use it to benefit your daily trading activities.

FlowTrade Education
FlowTrade Education

Mentorship Program

If you don’t want to spend hours learning on your own, FlowTrade offer a mentorship program which aims to teach you in a professional environment where you can get 1 on 1 strategic sessions and learn more about various trading strategies, trading psychology and how to make the most out of your trading.

FlowTrade Mentorship Program
FlowTrade Mentorship Program

How much does FlowTrade cost?

FlowTrade have a variety of packages to cater for the needs of different trader skill levels. You can choose from a 7-day free trial, the $199 monthly plan or the 12-month $1999 annual plan. There are no hidden charges and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The price is actually quite a bit higher than some other trading software that has similar capabilities such as FlowAlgo.

All packages include the following:

  • The Flow Index
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Dark Pool Trade Strategy
  • Live Trading Chat
  • Intelligent Scans

FlowTrade Conclusion

I really like the FlowTrade platform. I feel that is provides actionable insights that are based on what the big players in the financial markets are doing. I would personally rather follow the smart money in the real world than listen to a self-proclaimed trading guru who has discovered a magically trading secret based on nothing but historically cherry-picked trades and aggressive marketing tactics.

The FlowTrade platform interface is very modern and easy to interpret. It has powerful and advanced features and functionalities to suit the needs of different trading styles and experience levels. You can get real-time trading signals in an instant. As with all signals, I would be sure to verify them with my own additional market analysis before entering a position in the market.

That being said, this is not a trading tool to be used blindly. It will require some initiative on behalf of the user. You can customise it to alert you on the instruments which you prefer and share ideas with other traders in the online community. The price is slightly higher than other similar trading tools but you do get 1-on-1 support and plenty of educational resources. Not to mention, access to dark pool information even if it is delayed.

Whatever trading strategy you use, I think it is of paramount importance to at least know what the big money is doing, even if you are not using the information as an entry or exit signal. This information is still useful to know alongside technical analysis, fundamental analysis and sentiment analysis.










  • Buy & Sell Signals
  • Flow Index tracking
  • Dark Pool, block trade and order flow data
  • Free mentorship and indicators with communit
  • Real time algo flow and block trades
  • User-friendly platform
  • Create favourites
  • Simple actionable insights
  • Trading community
  • Dedicated support


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Overwhelming range of features
  • Requires some user initiative
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