Food Insecurity Is Not a Problem for the Poor Only, but rather a Global Concern

Food insecurity is often related to poverty. When people do not have access to food for themselves or their families due to a lack of money or proper resources, it might seem at first a problem of the poor nations.

That is why it is surprising to learn that the US Department of Agriculture reported that 38.3 million Americans, 11.8% of the population, experienced food insecurity in 2020. According to experts in the field, these numbers underestimate the real extent of the problem.

One of the main reasons is affordability since most households cannot afford the foods required for a balanced diet, with prices being as they are today.

Eating a nutritious diet can be costly

Eating a well-balanced diet is costly; for example, fresh fish can cost up to $15 per pound, much higher than fresh beef, poultry, or pork. The same applies to fruits and vegetables. Buying suitable types of fresh fruit for daily consumption is also not cheap, and one must consider spoilage on the other hand.

According to the USDA, households in the low-, middle-, and high-income groups spent roughly 36%, 20%, and 8% of their disposable income on food in 2019 respectively. Therefore, depending on the family size, it is not unusual for low-income groups to spend half of their disposable income on food – or even most of it.

Selection of beans and spices
Selection of beans and spices


Rising commodity prices is a contributor

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Bottom Line

The uncertain weather conditions and infectious diseases contribute to the supply constraints of food globally. Furthermore, it results in higher prices since when demand increases, it puts a further strain on the supply chain.

Unfortunately, poorer countries suffer the consequences since they don’t have the monetary support to access proper food resources. However, as the data shows, developed nations like the US are exposed to the same problem.

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