Forex Brain Trainer Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Brain Trainer trading course. Forex Brain Trainer is a video product that you can use on a daily basis to train your brain to become accustomed to easily identifying candlestick patterns (price action analysis) which can improve your trading skills.

Price action is a great way to analyse the markets and current price to help determine in which direction it is heading without any lagging indicators. Price action can be a very powerful technique when used alone or combined with technical and fundamental analysis. Candlestick patterns have been around since the 18th century and were used before there were computers and technology that led to more complex analysis.

Forex Brain Trader Trading Course

As the name suggests, Forex Brain Trader aims to teach your brain how to automatically recognise candlestick patterns with ease by studying videos of them every day. This revision process only take 10 minutes and can eventually lead to you not needing to over think price action as the candlestick patterns will become obvious.

You get instant access to the Forex Brain Trading course and can even access the videos on the go form your smart phone or laptop. It covers an extensive 57 candlestick patterns with illustrations of each and a detailed description on how they can be interpreted through a voice over.

Forex Brain Trainer Review Candlestick Patterns
Forex Brain Trainer Review Candlestick Patterns

Forex Brain Trader Summary

It goes without saying that each and every forex trader who wants to have an edge and be successful should have a clear understanding of price action and one of the best ways to do so is to learn candlestick patterns.

The Forex Brain Trader covers nearly all candlestick patterns you will ever need to know and after a few weeks of training your brain to memorise them you can effortlessly incorporate them into your trading without blindly taking trades solely based on technical or fundamental analysis.

It contains a very generous amount of content which is all explained in detail and very easy to follow in your own time. It also comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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  • All Currencies
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Support
  • Detailed Instructions
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