Forex Breakout Scanner

In the dynamic world of forex trading, traders are constantly seeking reliable tools to gain a competitive edge and improve their profitability. One such tool that has gained significant popularity among traders is the Forex Breakout Scanner. This instrument assists traders in identifying breakout opportunities in the forex market, allowing them to make informed decisions and capitalize on market movements. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Forex Breakout Scanner.

Forex Breakout Scanner
Forex Breakout Scanner

Understanding Forex Breakout

A breakout in forex trading refers to a price movement that breaches an established support or resistance level, indicating a potential shift in market sentiment and a subsequent price acceleration. Forex Breakout Scanners are software programs or indicators that assist traders in identifying these breakout patterns, providing valuable insights into potential trading opportunities.

The Role of Forex Breakout Scanners

  1. Identifying Breakout Patterns: The primary function of a Forex Breakout Scanner is to scan the forex market in real-time, searching for breakout patterns across various currency pairs and timeframes. These scanners employ sophisticated algorithms that analyze historical price data, market volatility, and key technical indicators to identify potential breakouts. By automating this process, traders can save time and ensure they don’t miss out on potential trading opportunities.
  2. Enhancing Trading Decision-Making: Forex Breakout Scanners provide traders with crucial information about breakout patterns, including the breakout level, entry and exit points, and stop-loss and take-profit levels. Armed with this data, traders can make more informed decisions, reducing the risk of impulsive or emotional trading. The scanners also help traders filter out false breakouts, ensuring a higher probability of successful trades.
  3. Time Efficiency: In the forex market, timing is critical. Missing out on a breakout opportunity due to the inability to constantly monitor the market can be detrimental to a trader’s success. Forex Breakout Scanners eliminate this limitation by constantly scanning the market and alerting traders whenever a potential breakout occurs. This real-time information enables traders to seize opportunities promptly, improving their chances of capitalizing on market movements.
  4. Trade Diversification: Forex Breakout Scanners provide traders with a broader perspective by scanning multiple currency pairs simultaneously. This allows traders to identify breakout opportunities across various markets, enabling them to diversify their trading portfolio. By diversifying their trades, traders can reduce their dependency on a single currency pair and potentially mitigate risks associated with volatile market conditions.

Functionality of the Forex Breakout Scanner

  • Has a spread filter to prevent you from opening foolish big spread crypto currency charts.
  • Load time is measured.
  • Charts can be opened automatically.
  • Can provide phone notifications or platform alerts.
  • There is no CPU utilization between checks.
  • Crypto currency has been adopted.

Settings of the Forex Breakout Scanner

  • Chose time frames below or use current – Include only current time frame or all timeframes.
  • EAPair – Include only current chart or all pairs in Watch list for scanning.
  • UpdateSeconds – Chose how often the EA updates.
  • If “false” alert is sent to pc instead. – Turn off push notifications and only have alerts on the pc.
  • Body length to trigger(ATR300) – The body length compared to ATR(Period 300).
  • UseSpreadFilter – Use spread filter.
  • Max spread(ATR300 M5) – Max spread in ATR on the 5min chart. 0.5 means a half ATR(Period 300) on the 5min chart as max spread.
  • UseM1 – Include 1min timeframe.
  • UseM5 – Include 5min timeframe.
  • UseM15 – Include 15min time frame.
  • UseM30 – Include 30min time frame.
  • UseM60 – Include 60min time frame.
  • Use4H – Include 4hr time frame.
  • UseDaily – Include daily time frame.
  • Open chart window on entry – Have the EA open a new chart window on breakout.
  • PrintLoadTime – Print the time it took to scan through the watchlist for signals.


In the ever-evolving world of forex trading, leveraging technology to gain an edge is crucial. Forex Breakout Scanner provide traders with a valuable tool to identify breakout patterns, make informed trading decisions, and probably enhance overall trading strategies. By automating the process of scanning the market for potential breakouts, traders can save time, improve their timing, and increase their chances of profitable trades.

A breakout is defined as a candle that is longer than three ATR with a period of 300. On a breakout, the Forex Breakout Scanner scans all instruments in “market watch” and sends a PC-alert or a push notification to the phone.

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