Forex Freedom Bar Indicator

The Forex Freedom Bar indicator is a forex trading technical analysis tool. It is a proprietary indicator that is based on several timeframes of price movement on a specific trading asset or currency pair that the trader is attempting to analyze throughout the trading day. It is meant to give traders ideas about market trends and possible entry and exit points. In this article, we’ll talk about the Forex Freedom Bar Indicator and how it might be used in a trading strategy.

What is the Forex Freedom Bar Indicator?

The Forex Freedom Bar indicator is derived from the CCI (Commodity Channel Index) indicator and is shown for four distinct time frames. The indicator aligns all CCI readings over several time frames, enabling the identification of the point at which the CCI signals match a trend. The color blue represents an uptrend, while the color red suggests a downtrend. The Forex Freedom Bar Indicator makes it simple for the trader to figure out the exact direction of the trend for up to four customizable timeframes.

While the bars are of the same color, the trader may then make trades or search for trading setups in the direction in which all timeframes are now heading throughout the trading day. Thus, the trader would easily be able to utilize the Forex Freedom Bar Indicator to select the appropriate timeframes for his or her trading style.

Forex Freedom Bar Indicator Strategy

When all four timeframes have the same color, we could anticipate a strong uptrend if the bars are blue and a strong downtrend if they are red. Therefore, this is an effective strategy for trading range breakouts, validating the rally. Meanwhile, we may wait for a Forex Freedom bar on a lower time frame to change color to exit the trade, signifying a temporary rebound. Otherwise, the trade might be held until the next support or resistance level is reached. The Forex Freedom Indicator may also be used to watch and trade price corrections.

For example, if the Forex Freedom bars are colored as follows: daily (red), 4 hours (red), and 1 hour (red), but 15 minutes (blue), we may see a rebound on the 15-minute chart. So, it might be a good idea to look at the 15-minute price chart and look for good entry points for continuing the trend at the end of the retracement. Furthermore, the Forex Freedom Bar Indicator should be utilized in combination with market data and other analysis tools to make informed trading choices.

Buy Signal

Forex Freedom Bar Buy Signal
Forex Freedom Bar Buy Signal
  • You may open a buy position when all 4 Forex Freedom bars are blue (strongly bullish).
  • You can set your stop loss immediately underneath the most recent swing bottom, or per your money management approach.
  • You may take profit when a lower time-frame Forex Freedom bar turns red, indicating a brief pullback.

Sell Signal

Forex Freedom Bar Sell Signal
Forex Freedom Bar Sell Signal
  • You may enter a sell position when four Forex Freedom Trend bars are colored red (strongly bearish).
  • You can set your stop loss immediately above the most recent swing high or per your money management strategy.
  • You may take profit when a lower time-frame Forex Freedom bar turns blue, indicating a brief pullback.

Forex Freedom Bar Indicator Pros & Cons


  • It could be used to build a trading strategy.
  • It can assist traders in identifying the market’s direction on multiple timeframes.
  • They can give vital information on market trends and possible trading setups.


  • It is not an independent indicator.
  • It is a lagging indicator, meaning that it may confirm a trend when it has already started.
  • It is based on historical price activity and may not accurately anticipate future price movements.


In conclusion, the Forex Freedom Bar Indicator is a useful tool for traders since it generates clear buy and sell signals in the form of colored bars. It is a simple indicator that is easy to use and can be used on any time frame. Still, it’s important to remember that no indicator is perfect and that it should be used with other technical analysis and risk management techniques. In addition, traders must always test the indicator on a demo account before applying it to a live account.

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