Forex King EA

Forex King EA is designed to make your trading journey smoother with its advanced algorithm based on price action and volume. This user-friendly tool can be easily implemented by attaching it to a single chart on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. Forex King EA operates autonomously, continuously scanning the market and executing trades 24/5, without the need for user intervention. As it doesn’t trade based on dangerous forex emotions like fear or greed, Forex King EA relies on an algorithm crafted by licensed professional day traders.

Forex King EA Affordable Fees

Forex King EA comes with a nominal, one-time payment for each live-funded account. There are no hidden monthly fees or profit percentages. Your positive experience will encourage repeat account purchases.

Forex King EA Customization and Ease of Use

Each Forex King EA system is tailored for you with a white label featuring your name, account type, and balance. It’s easy to update the settings, but the out-of-the-box configuration is designed to cater to your forex service needs.

Forex King EA Key Features

  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5 trading terminals
  • Max daily drawdown: 5%
  • High-impact news filters
  • No use of grid and martingale trading styles
  • Functions autonomously
  • Automatically carries out trades
  • Sets stop-loss and take-profit points automatically
  • Employs robust risk control to minimize potential losses

Forex King EA Trading Strategy

Forex King EA utilizes its dedicated trading algorithm to monitor, select, adjust, and execute trades 24/5, more efficiently and reliably than a human trader. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it focuses on analyzing price action to identify trading opportunities in the forex market.

Forex King EA Account Requirements

  • Minimum account balance: $5,000
  • Account types: Standard
  • Account leverage: 1:100+ (Standard Prop Leverage)
  • Broker with low spread, no commission, and minimal slippage issues


Forex King EA offers a comprehensive solution for traders struggling with prop firm challenges. Its sophisticated algorithm and user-friendly features make it an automated tool for navigating the forex market.

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