Forex Libra Code Review

Created by renowned trader Vladimir Ribakov, the Forex Libra Code offers a comprehensive approach to trading through a combination of custom indicators and an expert advisor (EA), suitable for trading across various timeframes and currency pairs. In this article, we will dive into the intricacies of this system, dissect its features, and examine its potential to empower traders in their quest for profitable trades

What is the Forex Libra Code Review?

The “Forex Libra Code” is a comprehensive trading system and Expert Advisor (EA) developed by renowned trader Vladimir Ribakov. This system combines custom indicators and can be applied to various currency pairs and timeframes in the Forex market. By visually analyzing the charts and acting upon specific conditions, traders can receive precise buy-sell signals through the intuitive ForexLibraCode dashboard.

Forex Libra Code Review
Forex Libra Code Review

The system is designed to detect crucial market aspects, including the direction and flow of significant market trends, false breakouts, divergence confirmation, reversals, momentum gains, and opportunities to rejoin prevailing trends. With its ability to provide accurate market insights on any timeframe, the Forex Libra Code empowers traders to make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the system simplifies the trading process by presenting essential indicators on the dashboard, enabling traders to efficiently monitor the market and optimize their trading strategies.

Forex Libra Code Review Strategy

The strategy involves closely monitoring the charts and taking action when specific conditions are met. Traders can rely on the ForexLibraCode dashboard to receive buy-sell signals, which are generated based on various market aspects. Firstly, the system analyzes the direction and flow of major trends, allowing traders to align themselves with the prevailing market sentiment. It also considers false breakouts, which can indicate potential trading opportunities. Divergence confirmation is another aspect incorporated in the strategy, which helps validate trading signals.

Forex Libra Code Dashboard
Forex Libra Code Dashboard

Additionally, the system identifies reversals and momentum gains, enabling traders to capitalize on market shifts. Lastly, the Forex Libra Code provides conditions that indicate opportunities to rejoin the prevailing trend, allowing traders to enhance their profitability. By closely monitoring the dashboard and executing trades based on the indicated signals, traders can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the Forex Libra Code and make well-informed trading decisions.

Buy Signal

  • Look for the ForexLibraCode dashboard to generate a buy signal.
  • When the system detects the BIG MONEY trend direction and flow, it indicates a potential buying opportunity.
  • Consider entering a long position when the conditions for confirmation using divergence and reversals are met.
  • Monitor the market for conditions that suggest the ability to re-join the trend direction.
  • As the indicators work behind the scenes, regularly monitor the dashboard for any updates and changes in market conditions

Sell Signal

  • Pay attention to the ForexLibraCode dashboard for a sell signal.
  • When the system identifies false breaks and divergence patterns, it may signal a potential selling opportunity.
  • Consider closing your existing long positions when the indicators suggest a reversal or momentum gains in the market.
  • Continuously monitor the dashboard to stay updated on the market’s direction and any changes in the indicators’ signals.

Forex Libra Code Review Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive trading system with custom indicators and an EA.
  • Compatibility with all timeframes and currency pairs.
  • Visual approach aids in signal identification.


  • Requires active monitoring of charts.
  • Learning curve to understand the indicators and system methodology.
  • Effectiveness depends on the accuracy and reliability of custom indicators.


In conclusion, the Forex Libra Code Review offers traders a comprehensive trading system with custom indicators and an EA, allowing for trading on various timeframes and currency pairs. While it requires active monitoring and a learning curve to understand the indicators, its visual approach and ability to detect various market conditions can assist traders in making informed trading decisions. However, the effectiveness of the system ultimately relies on the accuracy and reliability of the custom indicators. Traders should carefully evaluate their trading goals and preferences before incorporating the Forex Libra Code into their trading strategy.

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