Forex Libra Code Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Libra Code forex trading system. Forex Libra Code is a unique manual forex trading system by developer Vladimir Ribakov who is very reputable within the forex community and I have previously reviewed his other works.

You will need good money managment and trading discipline in place to use this. The emotional aspect and sticking to a plan are some of the most frequent aspects that affect aspiring traders from being successful. Factors such as your account deposit, lot size, discipline, patience, fear, greed and other emotions.

In saying that, the Forex Libra Code is a trading system package that even beginner forex traders can use. It is very simple to use despite the great amount of content included – which is very informative and enables you to get the very best out of this manual trading system.

I say manual trading system but all you need to do is follow the Forex Libra Code’s trading setups and place the trades if you wish, it does not require any over analysis on your part unless of course you want to. The trading entry signals can be used as is or confirmed by your own filters.

Forex Libra Code Review Results
Forex Libra Code Review Results

Forex Libra Code Trading Strategy

The Forex Libra Code uses a combination of customised indicators that are presented on your charts in a dashboard that shows you all the information you need to trade it, clearly and at a quick glance.

As the indicators do all the work behind the scenes, all you need to do is follow the color coded dashboard, which anyone can do!

It takes into account many important factors such as resistance/support, trends, divergence, reversals, momentum, multiple time frames and more. Basically, it takes away all the hard work for you. The developer has some very detailed trading courses available including one huge course on divergence.

It is a very easy to follow trading system that is explained in great detail with real trade examples. It can be used to trade full time or part time as it is very flexible depending on your requirements and availability for forex trading.

It can be used on short term time frames such as the 1 hour charts and below whilst it can give trading signals on the higher time frames such as the h4 and above. You do no need to chart watch all day due to the signal alerts it can generate.

Long term trading could also give you less trading costs as you would not be paying the spread and commission over and over again. It also means you will have a lot more time to do what you enjoy or work your day job. You would simply take a few minutes each day to check the Forex Libra Code system signals and place your trades. However, if you like frequent and fast trading action than you can use Forex Libra Code on shorter time frames for scalping trades.

You can use it to trade any currency pair or other trading instruments. I would be trading the major currency pairs such as the EURUSD and GBPUSD due to the high liquidity that they can have.

Forex Libra Code Review Dashboard
Forex Libra Code Review Dashboard
Forex Libra Code Review Dashboard Divergence
Forex Libra Code Review Dashboard Divergence


Forex Libra Code Summary

Overall, Forex Libra Code is a powerful forex trading strategy that gives trading signals using a large combination of confirmation methods that are displayed in a very easy to understand user interface.

Libra is not just a zodiac sign, it also means balance. The developer named this trading system Forex Libra Code as it has a balance between risk and reward.

It is a unique trading system that takes into account so much detailed trading analysis that is displayed to you in a simple to understand dashboard and comes with easy to follow step by step instructions, trading reports, members area access, webinars, bonuses that are system in their own right and much more.

You also get lots of instructional videos explaining how it works with real trade examples, excellent full support and a money back guarantee.

Forex Libra Code









  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Custom Indicators
  • Traders Dashboard
  • Instructional Videos
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Manual Trading System
  • Full Support
  • Money Back Guarantee