Forex Market Sentiment Review


Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to one of the BEST Forex Trading Indicators from my experience – Forex Market Sentiment! Wow, where to start with this review. This forex indicator is what a large majority of traders are missing out on and what they should be using to help determine market direction in my opinion. I would ask any aspiring trader to try the Forex Market Sentiment Indicator out to see just how powerful it is for yourself. It does a great job of helping to anticipate market movements by looking at what other traders are doing.

The Forex Market Sentiment indicator displays on your chart the total number of traders who are buying and the total number of traders who are selling on all currency pairs. It will also show you the total volume of buyers and sellers positions. The positions and volumes are displayed in figures and as a percentage. When you have this information its a very useful way to gauage which way the market may move.

Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot
Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot

Forex Market Sentiment Features

The Forex Market Sentiment indicator displays real time trader’s total positions/volumes on your chart. There is a huge database of forex traders with live accounts the data is collected from, you then have access to this data on your chart and can begin taking advantage of knowing what other traders are doing. Basically, you can see the competitions hand, it’s almost like cheating!

When you know what the other traders are doing you can trade against them with very powerful contrarian trading. I personally find that the best way to use it is to wait until there is an extreme in buyers or sellers and then go against them. I have seen more often than not, the buying or selling extreme goes to 70% or above then the market moves against the extreme, of course – it has to! It has nowhere else to go!

If there were 100% buyers or sellers then there would be no market! Are you starting to see it now? Do you ever wonder why brokers do not share positions/volumes information? It is because they are using it themselves to trade against the sentiment and take advantage of this time and time again.

You can even filter the Forex Market Sentiment indicator to only display currency pairs with extreme sentiments of a chosen value – e.g. only display currency pairs with a volume and/or position sentiment extreme of more than 70%. You can even set a signal alert for when there is a currency pair with a new extreme. Signals can be set to pop-up window with sound alert, email and/or SMS push notifications.

The Forex Market Sentiment indicator can be traded stand alone or combined with technical analysis, fundamental analysis and/or price action analysis. Like any system, I would make sure to have my money management, trading discipline and trading plan in place.

Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot Example
Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot Example
Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot Example 2
Forex Market Sentiment Review Screenshot Example 2

Forex Market Sentiment Summary

This is one of the best forex indicators I have ever used and I believe that many traders are missing out by not paying attention to the market sentiment – after all, that is often what is moving the markets.

Brokers provide you with all the technical indicators they can but do you ever wonder why they not all share the market sentiment data with you. Perhaps it is obvious why – because it could give traders an edge when used correctly – primarily as a contrarian trading indicator.

Once you start trading with the sentiment on your chart, I doubt that you will ever go back to trading without it. I feel trading without knowing what the sentiment is would be like trying to ride a bike with no wheels on it!

Market sentiment truly is the eyes and ears of the market in my humble opinion; plenty of indicators are mainly just noise from my experience.

The forex market sentiment indicator comes with detailed instructions, many trade examples, full support, lifetime updates and a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can visit the Forex Market Sentiment website and download your copy of this extremely useful indicator now!

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