Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review

In this post I will be reviewing the manual forex trading indicators interestingly named the “Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator”. It always makes me smile when I see developers of such trading systems give them such elaborate names, it certainly perks up interest that’s for sure! This indicator can be used by traders of any experience levels either standalone or in conjunction with your own additional existing trading strategy. It has been built for the MetaTrader 4 platforms for desktop computers and laptops.

Hopefully, this Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review will help you to decide if this is a forex trading strategy that you would like to try out. I think that it has some potential but does require the user to take some initiative. This means that you will need to confirm each trading signal with your own market analysis to make sure that you are happy to take the trade. If not, you can always wait for the next opportunity to come along.

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review - Features
Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review – Features

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator System

The Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator generates buy and sell signals along with automatic stop loss and take profit levels using three different trading styles. It can run on any currency pair and chart time frame. I tend to find that major currency pairs and higher chart time frames can generate some decent mid to long term manual trading opportunities.

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review - Trade Example
Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review – Trade Example

You do not need to constantly analyse multiple charts as Forex Thunderbolt can do that for you. When the indicator finds a valid trading signal based on its in built algorithm, it can send you an alert.

Thunderbolt Trading Indicator is a trend-based indicator that uses a special algorithm that aims to identify every aspect of a trend from beginning to end. It has an implemented filter to try and filter out ranging markets. You can also add your own additional market analysis to further filter trades if you wish.

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review - Pop-up Alerts
Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Review – Pop-up Alerts

Depending on your trading style, Thunderbolt Trading Indicator can be quickly and easily set to suit your approach to trading. You can experiment with these preset trading styles: Safe, Standard, or Aggressive modes. More advanced users can switch the trading style to “Custom” and freely adjust the core setting that dictates the speed and frequency of the signals.

The secret behind Forex Thunderbolt is a combination of trading algorithms and strategies that work together to try and ensure that you can get reliable trading signals. Of course, no system will be reliable all of the time. There will always be winning and losing trades with any manual or automated forex trading system.

It was designed to bring more ease and simplicity to your trading life. The advanced trading technology makes it smart, fast and so easy to use. You won’t have any need to calculate or analyse the forex market because the indicator can do all of that for you. However, I would ensure that you confirm each and every trading signal that it generates with your own market analysis.

This forex method has been created based on many years of experience the developers claim to have when it comes to trading forex. They state that they have extracted what is important from the market, so you can easily and efficiently follow the price. I would take any claims made with a pinch of salt. Trading successfully can take many years of practice and there is no system that will guarantee good results. There are too many variables to consider, primarily money management and trading discipline. I have seen these factors cause the exact same trading strategy produce completely different results depending on the person using it.

How to use the Forex Thunderbolt Trading indicator?

The Forex Thunderbolt system has been developed to run in the MT4 platform. It comes as a trading template along with built-in indicators that you can apply to your chosen chart symbols and timeframes. You can use the default settings or adjust them according to your own needs. I would certainly practice on a forex demo account to begin with and only use this manual forex strategy as supplementary indicators to my own market analysis.

In order to use the Forex Thunderbolt Indicator, you will need a trading account with a forex broker. With so many forex brokers to choose from nowadays, it can seem very difficult to find a suitable option. If you are new to forex trading online and looking for some ideas, please feel free to browse my best forex brokers for some inspiration along the way.

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator Summary

Overall, I personally feel that the Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator is a basic trading strategy that will require the user taking some initiative in terms of filtering trades and having sound money management principles in place.

For example, I would look for trades only in line with the long term trend and also ensure the risk to reward ratio is positive.

Furthermore, you will need to have your trading discipline in check so that thing such as fear, anger and greed, do not creep into your trading.

If you are interested in downloading the Forex Thunderbolt strategy, you could always start on a demo trading account to begin with. This could be a great way to familiarise yourself with how to trade with the Forex Thunderbolt Indicator and get the most out of it. You can get a free demo trading account from most forex brokers. Once you have built some confidence and have some success, you may then consider switching over to a real live account.

The Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator includes step by step instructions, full support and free updates. If you want to learn more and get the Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator download you can visit the website by using the link below.

Forex Thunderbolt Trading Indicator









  • Manual Trading System
  • Technical Indicators
  • Trend Trading Strategy
  • Versatile Trading System
  • Easy To Use
  • Any FX Currency Pair
  • Any Chart Time Frame
  • Full Support
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Free Updates


  • MetaTrader 4 Only
  • Quite Basic Forex Strategy
  • Not Very Innovative
  • Requires Some User Initiative