Forex Trading Documentaries

Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading, is a popular form of investment that involves buying and selling different currencies to make a profit. It is a highly competitive and dynamic market that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to succeed. As a result, many traders, both novice and experienced, turn to forex trading documentaries to learn more about the industry, its history, and the strategies employed by successful traders.

Some of the Best Forex Trading Documentaries

Forex trading documentaries are an excellent way to learn about the forex market, gain insights into different trading strategies, and understand the risks and rewards involved in this type of investment. There are many documentaries available that cover a wide range of topics related to forex trading. Here are some of the best forex trading documentaries that traders could watch:

Trader: The Documentary

This documentary follows the life of Paul Tudor Jones, a legendary trader who made his fortune in the forex market. The film takes viewers through Jones’ career, from his early days as a trader to his rise to success as the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation. Along the way, viewers get an inside look at the strategies Jones used to make his trades, as well as the psychology and mindset that he developed to stay ahead of the competition.


This documentary explores the world of open-outcry trading, a method of trading in which traders shout and use hand signals to buy and sell stocks and commodities on a trading floor. The film focuses on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and its traders, many of whom were involved in forex trading. Viewers get a sense of the excitement and intensity of open-outcry trading, as well as the challenges faced by traders as the industry moves towards electronic trading.

Billion Dollar Day

This BBC documentary follows three forex traders as they attempt to make a profit over the course of a single day. The traders are based in New York, London, and Hong Kong, and viewers get an inside look at their trading strategies and the challenges they face as they attempt to navigate the global forex market.

The Wall Street Code

This documentary explores the role of computer algorithms in modern-day trading, focusing on the use of high-frequency trading algorithms in the forex market. The film examines the risks and rewards of algorithmic trading, as well as the potential impact of these systems on the global financial system.

The Ascent of Money

This documentary series, produced by PBS, explores the history of money and finance, from ancient times to the present day. The series includes an episode on the forex market, which provides a broad overview of the industry, its history, and the role it plays in the global economy.

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street

This documentary examines the role of quantitative analysts, or “quants,” in modern-day trading. The film looks at the use of complex mathematical models and algorithms in trading, and the potential risks and rewards of this approach.

The Secret Millionaires Club

This animated series, produced by Warren Buffett, teaches children about finance and investing. The series includes an episode on forex trading, which provides a basic introduction to the industry and the risks and rewards involved.


In conclusion, one of the advantages of forex trading documentaries is that they offer a more engaging and accessible way to learn about the market than traditional forex trading books or courses. Many of these forex films feature real-life traders and experts, who offer their insights and experiences in a way that is both informative and entertaining. These forex trading documentaries offer a wealth of information and insights for traders of all levels. Whether you are a novice trader looking to learn the basics of the forex market or an experienced trader looking to refine your skills and strategies, there is a documentary out there that could assist you in achieving your goals.

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