How Investment Differs From Real-Money Online Gaming

How Investment Differs From Real-Money Online Gaming

For a lot of regular traders, making a distinction between stock or commodity investment and real-money online gaming is not necessary. There are clear distinctions between the two, and regular traders understand that gaming is not a form of investment. With that said, the distinction is more necessary to cover for some first-time investors, and particularly for young people. Recent data indicates that younger adults are not investing, and one of the primary reasons cited for this is a lack of trust. For the most part, people under 40 have grown up at a time that more or less taught them not …READ MORE

Bitcoin VS Forex – Which one is the Best Option

Bitcoin VS Forex - Which one is the Best Option

For some reason, a lot of beginners tend to gravitate towards the currency markets when they first get started. One of the reasons for this might be that money is something people understand more in general than stocks and other financial instruments. It’s easier for someone who is used to money to understand what could influence its price. Cryptocurrency is another class of asset that is very popular with beginners, and many who invest in the space have never invested in any kind of financial product before. Both of these options do have their benefits for newcomers, but it can …READ MORE

How to choose a Forex broker in South Africa?

Forex brokers regulated by CySEC or FCA (UK) are considered as legitimate because these regulator bodies are very strict when it comes to good business practices, the bodies make sure that the clients’ rights are duly protected and the broker is involved in no unethical practices. How to choose a forex broker? Choosing a Forex Trading broker should start with collecting information about successful transactions and openness in working with clients. A good quality broker has its portfolio of transactions, a large number of reviews from clients. The easiest way to check is the published trader lists, which are constantly …READ MORE

CedarFX Lends Support to Combat Climate Change

CedarFX Review Eco-Friendly Broker

As we enter a new era of endless extreme weather events such as heatwaves and bushfires brought about by the rising average temperatures, one forex broker has emerged determined to combat this crisis. CedarFX has recently disrupted the online trading industry with its unique vision to drive clients to act before it’s too late. The forex broker has teamed with the UK based organization Ecologi to create its very first Eco Account, in support of their climate change prevention initiatives. Eco Account Eco Account users will be charged a $1 commission fee which will directly impact Ecologi’s global tree planting …READ MORE

Bitcoin Exchange: What to consider for choosing the right bitcoin exchange?

Bitcoin Exchange What to consider for choosing the right bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin is similar to traditional currencies in some aspects, but it is different from traditional currencies when it comes to storing crypto tokens. Bitcoins are stored in personal wallets through which users can send money by knowing the wallet address of the wallet. With the increasing popularity and skyrocketing value of bitcoin, more and more people want to explore the world of cryptocurrencies. People are showing their interest in trading or investing in digital currencies like bitcoin. But before investors think of investing in bitcoin, it is crucial to understand the working of the bitcoin network and have knowledge of …READ MORE