Dangerous Forex Emotions To Avoid

Negative Forex Emotions Explained

As humans, we are prone to having instincts and emotions. These can have a significant impact on trading performance. No matter how good a trading strategy is, negative emotions that are not controlled can have a detrimental affect on results. If a forex trader is not aware of their emotions and enables them to impact on their decision making, this can cause mistakes to be made. Forex trading successfully is already hard enough, let alone if you also have to battle with your own emotions which is unnecessary. In this article, we will look at some of the negative forex …READ MORE

Keeping A Forex Trading Journal

Keeping A Forex Trading Journal

A forex trading journal is basically when you log all of your trading activity. This can be in the form of hand written notes, in excel or in a word document. Whatever way you decide to log your trading activity, creating and maintaining a forex trading journal can be a very beneficial thing to do. Why do you need a forex trading journal? Learn from your trading mistakes If you are always recording your mistakes, you can take time to reflect on them, understanding why you made them and how you can prevent them from happening again. Sometimes traders will …READ MORE

Why Discipline And Psychology Are Such An Important Part Of Forex Trading


In this post I will discuss the importance of having good forex discipline and psychology. I will cover how these are major factors in your journey to becoming a successful forex trader and what you can do to ensure that you have good forex discipline and psychology. I will look at ways that you can limit the bad habits associated with poor discipline & psychology by forex traders. When implemented in your trading, these factors can be the difference to becoming a long-term profitable forex trader or to giving up. Many newbie forex traders focus on finding the holy grail …READ MORE