Happy Indicators Pro Review

Happy Indicators Pro Review

In this post I will review the Happy Indicators Pro indicator package by the team over at Happy Forex. They have developed a selection of forex robots and this is the first set of manual trading tools I have seen from them. I have previously reviewed other forex robots from the developers including the Happy Frequency EA and Happy Breakout EA. The Happy Indicators Pro package is designed for manual forex trading. Happy Indicators Pro Features The Happy Indicators Pro package is a set of technical indicators for using in the popular and free to download MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading …READ MORE

InstantEA Review

InstantEA Review

In this post I will review the InstantEA trading software from the LeapFX team. LeapFX have a number of automated and manual trading systems along with trading tools available to purchase through their website. The InstantEA is a tool that can convert technical indicators into automated trading robots without the user needing any specific programming knowledge. As someone who has programmed over many years and had to learn so much during this time, I understand how difficult it may be for some to create a forex robot from scratch, that is where the InstantEA can potentially come in handy. InstantEA …READ MORE

Forex Trading Keyboard Review

Forex Trading Keyboard Logo

In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Trading Keyboard tool for the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. This is a very simple tool which comes as an 18 Key customisable hotkey keyboard. The purpose of the tool is to make it quick and easy for you to perform frequent actions in the MT4 and mt5 platforms. The forex trading keyboard is the result of discussions between several forex traders who felt that having a customisable trading keyboard would reduce the time taken to conduct analysis and execute trade decisions, provided that the trading keyboard was …READ MORE

MyMT4Book Review

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In this post I will be reviewing the MyMT4Book analyser tool that allows you to instantly analyse MT4 accounts directly from your charts. Users can analyse multiple trading strategies and choose the best ones on MetaTrader 4. This is a time saving tool that runs as an MT4 plugin and can give some useful insights into the users trading activity to help identify areas in which they can improve. MyMT4Book Features In a nutshell, MyMT4Book is a simple MT4 add-on that allows you to analyse trading results according to currency pair, trade comment or magic number in just a few …READ MORE

FX Blue Review

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In this post I will be reviewing the FX Blue free web-based service for analyzing and publishing your forex trading results online. Traders from all over the globe can use the FX Blue service to analyze trades from MT4, MT5, cTrader, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, or FXCM TS2. FX Blue has been around since way back in 2009 and is used by all types of traders including money managers, hedge funds, retail traders and private individuals trading the forex markets from the comfort of their own home. The FX Blue core web-based analysis and deep statistics are supported by several apps …READ MORE