Forex Trend Rush

The Forex Trend Rush Trading System has tried to carve a niche for itself as a preeminent trend-based methodology that has won the trust of traders from across the globe. By integrating a selection of forex indicators, this system has been designed to try offering a trading strategy. This strategy tries to aid users, right from the inception of their trade to its culmination, ensuring they’re well-guided at each step. One of the standout attributes of the Forex Trend Rush system is its user-friendly design, which is particularly beneficial for those just stepping into the realm of forex trading. These beginners often find it challenging to navigate the intricacies of market trends, and this system tries to provide them with the necessary clarity. Further broadening its applicability, this system is adaptable for trading a diverse range of forex currency pairs. Plus, its compatibility with every timeframe chart on the renowned MT4 trading platform adds another feather to its cap.

Forex Trend Rush
Forex Trend Rush

Forex Trend Rush Features

Forex Trend Rush - Overview
Forex Trend Rush – Overview
  • FTR HASig: This feature tries to convert price bars into trend indicators. When the trend is ascending, it displays a blue hue, and conversely, it adopts a red color to indicate a descending market trend.
  • Turtle Channel: Displayed in red above the price bars, this indicates an upward market trend. Inversely, a blue Turtle Channel found below the price bar tries to denote a descending market trend.
  • Turtle Channel Stops: Serving as a dynamic support or resistance marker, this indicator tries to assist traders in pinpointing the current target levels for any given market entry.
  • FTR BarSig: Introduced to refine the trend signals of the system, when it shines blue and tries to exhibit a positive value, it’s affirming the prevailing upward trend. In contrast, a red hue with a negative value signifies a downward market trend.
  • MACD: A widely recognized indicator driven by momentum. It adopts a positive stance when the momentum swings upward and takes on a negative tone to hint at a downward market momentum.

Buy Signal

Forex Trend Rush - Buy Signal
Forex Trend Rush – Buy Signal
  • FTR HASig Color: Try to ensure that it displays a blue hue, indicating a bullish trend.
  • Turtle Channel & Turtle Channel Stops Positioning: Both should be plotted below the FTR HASig level, further affirming the bullish trend.
  • MACD & FTR BarSig Values: Both these indicators should have turned positive. This tries to serve as a momentum and trend filter, ensuring you’re not going against the market flow.
  • Trigger to Buy: Once all the above conditions are synchronized and met, it’s a clear indication to initiate a buy order.
  • Exit Strategy: Always be ready to close the long position once the FTR HASig indicator changes to red, signaling a possible trend reversal or slowing down of the bullish momentum.

Sell Signal

Forex Trend Rush - Sell Signal
Forex Trend Rush – Sell Signal
  • FTR HASig Color: It should be showing a red shade, pointing towards a bearish trend.
  • Turtle Channel & Turtle Channel Stops Positioning: Both these elements need to be plotted above the FTR HASig level, trying to emphasize the prevailing bearish sentiment.
  • MACD & FTR BarSig Readings: Try to ensure that both these indicators have adopted negative values. This confirmation tries to ensure that the momentum and trend both align with a bearish direction.
  • Trigger to Sell: Once all the highlighted conditions above are simultaneously met, it tries to serve as a green light to initiate a sell order.
  • Exit Strategy: Be prepared to close the short position or lock in your potential trades the moment the FTR HASig indicator transitions to blue. This change could try to suggest a potential trend shift or a decrease in bearish momentum.

Forex Trend Rush Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly: Designed with both novices and experts in mind, its intuitive signals try to make it easier for traders to understand and act upon.
  • Multiple Indicators: By integrating various indicators like FTR HASig, Turtle Channel, and MACD, it tries to provide a view of the market, increasing the probability of potential trades.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of forex currency pairs and compatible with all timeframe charts on the MT4 platform, trying to offer flexibility to traders.
  • Clear Entry and Exit Signals: Distinct color-coded indicators try to provide unmistakable cues for entering and exiting trades, reducing decision-making time.
  • Momentum Tracking: The integration of MACD, a well-known momentum-based indicator, tries to ensure traders can capitalize on strong market movements.


  • Dependent on Technical Analysis: Like most trading systems, it primarily tries to rely on technical analysis, potentially overlooking fundamental market-changing events.
  • False Signals: No system is foolproof. There may be occasions where the system’s indicators give false or premature signals, leading to potential drawdowns.
  • Complex for Absolute Beginners: While it’s designed to be user-friendly, absolute beginners might still find the array of indicators and their interplay slightly overwhelming.
  • Over-reliance Risk: Traders might become too dependent on the system, sidelining their own analysis and intuition.
  • Platform Limitation: Its design for the MT4 platform means traders using other platforms might not benefit from its full functionality.
  • Not Infallible in Volatile Markets: In highly volatile market conditions, trend-following systems like Forex Trend Rush might not perform as efficiently.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Forex Trend Rush tries to emerge as a comprehensive trading system, designed with a blend of multiple indicators that try to offer traders a comprehensive view of market trends. Catering to both novices and seasoned traders, its user-centric design tries to provide clear entry and exit signals, allowing for quick decision-making. Its versatility in accommodating various currency pairs and timeframes, especially within the MT4 platform, adds to its appeal.

However, like all trading systems, it isn’t without its limitations. Solely relying on it without considering market fundamentals or other external factors might not always yield the desired results. Additionally, while it tries to aim to simplify trading, absolute beginners might still need time to familiarize themselves with its intricacies perhaps by using a forex demo account to practice trading with confidence.

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