Forex Victrix

The Forex Victrix is an algorithm-based EA developed for automated forex trading using the MT4 platforms.

This EA employs non-repaint indicators so that it can capture potential trade setups immediately after they’re formed on the price chart.

Technically, the Forex Victrix is a high-frequency trading EA that you can apply in three different timeframes, which are M1, M5, and M15.

Apart from automated buy-sell features, the EA includes news event settings. This option lets you determine when the EA will automatically stop trading during sensitive news events.

Furthermore, the Forex Victrix allows users to determine the slippage and spread limits to avoid early or late entries.

This guide highlights the key features and functions of the Force Victrix and explains how it works in MT4.

Forex Victrix Strategy

The Forex Victrix weighs on trend-following entries, including market session breakouts and reversal signals at key support/resistance levels.

Each time the EA executes a trade, it sends a push notification on the main price chart. Besides, you can set your e-mail address using its MT4 settings to receive mail notifications so that you can remain updated with the latest activities of your trading robot even if you’re not in front of your trading chart.

Forex Victrix on MT4 Chart
Forex Victrix on MT4 Chart

The Forex Victrix has limitations in its user accessibility. You can apply it only for one demo account and one real account simultaneously.

Forex Victrix  Features

  • Adaptive Scalping Mechanism.
  • Non-repaint Indicators.
  • Allows one demo and one real account trading for each user.
  • High Signal Frequency.
  • Applicable to any forex pair.
  • Free updates.
  • E-mail and push notifications.
  • Customer support.

Forex Victrix Settings in MT4

  • Accepted % Risk from Current Balance – Max risk percentage of the total capital allocated for each trade.
  • Take Profit in Points – Default take-profit points.
  • Stop Loss in Points – Default stop loss points.
  • Spread – Maximum spread allowed for executing an entry.
  • Max Slippage – Maximum slippage allowed while activating and closing an order.
  • Magic Number – Unique identification number of the EA.
  • Max Controlled Trades at One Time – Maximum number of floating positions allowed at a time.
  • Push Notification in Points if Price Reach Level – Set push notifications on price hitting pre-determined levels.
  • Red News Filter – Filters highly sensitive news.
  • Do Not Trade X-Min Before News – Set the minutes before the EA will stop trading ahead of news events.
  • Do Not Trade Y-Min After News – Set how long the EA will remain inactive after the news release.
  • BE-Level – Determine how much profit the EA will bring the SL to the breakeven point.
  • If Red News within X min. Close Trade – Set the exit point of the active trades based on the news event schedule.
  • Debugging – Enable/disable debugging.

Forex Victrix Summary

Forex Victrix is a trading robot that works with the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This forex robot uses advanced algorithms and technical indicators to assess the success probability of potential trading opportunities. The company developed the EA claims that a team of experienced traders and programmers with years of experience in the financial markets has developed the software. Forex Victrix is highly customizable, allowing traders to adjust the settings to suit their trading preferences and risk tolerance levels.

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