Forex Xcelerator Review

I’ll be examining the Forex Xcelerator in this article. This is an automated forex trading technique that has been set up to function in the well-known MetaTrader forex trading platform. Most forex brokers offer MetaTrader for free download. It is important to note that running forex robots requires the desktop version of the MetaTrader platform.

The Forex Xcelerator EA may be loaded onto your platform’s charts, where it will use its built-in algorithm to continuously scan the forex market for trading signals. The expert adviser can enter the market and manage the user’s position when it decides there is a trading opportunity. There are several important benefits and drawbacks to be aware of even if this may seem like an alluring option for people who lack the time or expertise necessary to trade manually.

The automated forex trading strategy that the robot uses, any back tests that the developer may have supplied, and most crucially, actual verified account outcomes will all be examined in this that Forex Xcelerator review. This information should assist you in determining whether or not you would use this forex EA on your personal forex account.

Forex Xcelerator Trading Strategy

The Forex Xcelerator EA can be used for both manual and automated forex trading. After you have placed it onto your charts, you are presented with a cool dashboard that displays your account information and the currency status of the expert advisors. It continuously scans the charts for trading signals and presents the user with optional entry and exit positions, including take profits and stop loss levels. Whilst this does make it a hands-free trading system, I would personally want to confirm each trade with my own market analysis before taking a position, due to the limitations that expert advisors have.

The Forex Xcelerator robot is very versatile as it can be used on any currency pair or other trading instrument on your preferred financial market. It can be used on any chart timeframe from the 1-minute to the monthly charts. This makes it suitable for scalping, day trading and swing trading. I would prefer to focus on major currency pairs such as the EUR/USD and the 1-hour charts or above. This is because major currencies tend to have plenty of liquidity which leads to some good market movements whereas anything below the 1-hour chart I find too noisy at times.

Forex Xcelerator Dashboard
Forex Xcelerator Dashboard

When a new trading signal is generated, Forex Xcelerator Manager pops on the screen, and all you have to do is click one button to enter the trade. As soon as the opposite signal is generated or the desired TP level is reached, Forex Xcelerator Manager exits the trade automatically. You don’t even have to be near your PC which is useful for those who do not have the time to dedicate to chart watching and analysing the markets.

Once you got a hand of utilizing Forex Xcelerator, you can switch Forex Xcelerator Manager to AutoMode and get an EA for you to load on your charts and get back to your daily tasks. This basically means that in auto mode, this forex software will do everything from analysing the charts to p[lacing and managing trades on behalf of the user.

Forex Xcelerator On Chart
Forex Xcelerator On Chart

Forex Xcelerator Manager

The Forex Xcelerator Manager window appears on the chart when the BUY/SELL signal from Forex Xcelerator is generated. It includes all the information required to understand the deal. To close the trade, simply decide whether you wish to do it at the opposite signal or at the Take Profit level, and hey presto! Your deal will be entered for you with all the relevant settings by Forex Xcelerator Manager.

The best part is that you can stop worrying about your trades after pressing a single button since Forex Xcelerator Manager will automatically close them out with profit when it’s most appropriate according to the underlying algorithm implemented within the EA.

Forex Xcelerator Manager
Forex Xcelerator Manager

Forex Xcelerator Features

  • Fully automated forex strategy
  • Adaptive trading algorithm
  • Customisable settings
  • Optimised setting files included
  • Multiple currency pairs and timeframes
  • Email and push notifications
  • 24/7 support and free updates
  • Instant download
  • Multiple real and demo account license
  • Money back guarantee

Forex Xcelerator Back Testing

When selecting a forex robot, I like to ensure that the creator has offered back tests that demonstrate how the forex expert advisor may have traded over a sizable amount of historical data across multiple currency pairings. This can aid in our comprehension of the operation and effectiveness of the automated trading strategy in various market environments. History is by no means a predictor of future performance, but it can be useful to gain a general notion of what we might anticipate.

The developer has shared plenty of screenshots of the Forex Xcelerator system in action on various different currency pairs and chart timeframe. Of course, they have cherry picked some of the best trades which does show the strategy is capable of catching some good market moves. However, there will of course be plenty of false signals that lead to losses which is why money management will be very important as with any forex system.

I would have liked to have seen the developer share some MetaTrader backtests in the strategy tester so we could have seen how this trading system would have performed on different currency pairs and timeframes across historical data. This should be easy for the developer to do when you consider they have built this automated system from the ground up.

I would question as to why they have not shown any long-term back tests and think it could help to verify some of the claims they are making. You can always take a look at the Forex Scalping EA if you are looking for a forex robot with backtests over many years of historical data.

Forex Xcelerator USDJPY Trades
Forex Xcelerator USDJPY Trades

Forex Xcelerator Results

While past tests can be helpful in some situations, real account results are, in my opinion, the most crucial feature to look for in a forex robot. This would allow us to precisely track the Forex Xcelerator’s performance over the most current market conditions. By doing so, you can assess your satisfaction with the numerous statistics, including the profit factor, drawdown, average win, average loss, transaction duration, trading volume, and more. Visit my top forex robots results page to view the most recent performance data from all real, confirmed trading accounts.

Again, just like with the backtests, we only have screenshots of trades that the Forex Xcelerator could have taken in the past. It is unclear if these trades were even executed on a real account or not, but there are no verified accounts to say that this is the case. Furthermore, there are no up to date results showing how good or bad the manual or automated version of the Forex Xcelerator software is performing. If you would prefer to choose a forex robot backed up by real verified results, then you might want to take a look at the Forex Robotron EA instead.

Forex Xcelerator Summary

Overall, there is some potential with the Forex Xcelerator EA as is evident by the screenshots being shared by the developer. It is a flexible trading strategy that has a clean trading dashboard which makes it easy to use and the signal clear to understand.

However, I think it certainly requires the user to take the initiative and confirm all signals with their own market analysis, which can include price action analysis and additional technical analysis. Otherwise, I feel there will be too many false signals. Not to mention, you will need excellent money management as this can be the difference between a winning and losing forex strategy.

I am not a huge fan of the sales page which I think makes some claims that could give potential users unrealistic expectations. In terms of the automated trading aspect of the Forex Xcelerator EA, we do not have any back tests or real live verified results which is a let down from my perspective.

To get a feel for how the Forex Xcelerator trades without taking any risks, you could run it on a demo trading account if you wanted to give it a try. I would always start out by testing a forex robot on a practise account. Just keep in mind that results from live accounts and demo accounts can vary. This is a result of elements like liquidity, slippage, and spreads that may vary between a simulated and actual trading environment.

To use the Forex Xcelerator, you will need an account with a forex broker. With so many forex brokers to choose from nowadays, it can be had to decide which is the best forex broker for you. From my many years of experience in the forex industry, IC Markets are one of the best forex brokers when it comes to manual and automated trading. This is because they have tight spreads, low commission fees, reliable execution speeds, multiple funding options and excellent 24/7 customer support.

You can find out more about the Forex Xcelerator by visiting the website using the link below. It does come with instructions, full support, free updates and a money back guarantee.

Forex Xcelerator









  • Semi-automated or fully automated mode
  • Handy trade manager
  • Actionable signals
  • Optional SL/TP levels
  • Unique trading algorithm
  • Alert notification system
  • Run on multiple real/demo accounts
  • Various packages to choose from
  • 24/7 support
  • Money back guarantee


  • No real verified account results
  • Limited quality backtests
  • Requires user initiative
  • MetaTrader platform only
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