Forex4noobs Review

Forex4noobs is a reputable forex training company that offers a range of forex trading courses and ebooks for aspiring traders. With a focus on simplifying complex trading concepts, Forex4noobs aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the forex market confidently. In this review, we will explore the key features, course offerings, teaching approach, customer support, and overall value of Forex4noobs.

Forex4noobs Review
Forex4noobs Review

Course Offerings

Forex4noobs provides a diverse range of courses tailored to suit traders of all skill levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader looking to refine your strategies, Forex4noobs has a course for you. The courses are designed to be comprehensive, covering all essential aspects of forex trading, including technical analysis, risk management, and psychology.

The flagship course, “The Price Action Protocol,” is a standout offering from Forex4noobs. This course delves into the intricacies of reading price charts and understanding market dynamics. It provides a solid foundation in price action trading, which is a widely used and effective approach in forex trading. The course includes video tutorials, comprehensive written material, and practical exercises, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Teaching Approach

One of the greatest strengths of Forex4noobs is its commitment to simplicity and clarity. The educational materials are presented in a user-friendly manner, making complex trading concepts accessible even to beginners. The course content is well-structured, following a logical progression that allows learners to grasp the concepts gradually.

The use of video tutorials in the courses is particularly helpful, as it enables visual learning and facilitates better comprehension. The instructor’s explanations are clear and concise, and they provide real-world examples to illustrate the concepts effectively. Additionally, the written material complements the videos, allowing for comprehensive understanding and reference.

Customer Support

Forex4noobs places a strong emphasis on customer support. The company provides prompt and reliable assistance to its students. The instructor, Nick Bencino, is actively involved in engaging with students and answering their queries. The Forex4noobs website also features a dedicated support section where students can find answers to frequently asked questions and access additional resources.

Furthermore, Forex4noobs maintains an active online trading community, which allows students to interact with each other and share their experiences. This community aspect adds value to the learning process, as students can seek advice, share trade ideas, and collaborate with fellow traders.

Value for Money

Forex4noobs offers excellent value for money, considering the comprehensive content and quality of its courses. Compared to other forex training providers, the prices for Forex4noobs courses are reasonable and affordable. The company also offers a free introductory course, allowing prospective students to get a taste of their teaching approach before making a financial commitment.

The knowledge gained from Forex4noobs courses can be invaluable for traders aiming to improve their performance and profitability. By equipping traders with the necessary skills and strategies, Forex4noobs empowers them to make informed trading decisions and navigate the forex market with confidence.


Forex4noobs is a reputable forex training company that stands out for its commitment to simplifying forex trading education. With its comprehensive courses, user-friendly teaching approach, prompt customer support, and reasonable pricing, Forex4noobs provides excellent value for money. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Forex4noobs offers the resources and knowledge needed to enhance your trading skills and achieve your financial goals.

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