If you are looking to copy forex signals, then there are many forex signal providers to choose from. However, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad signals unless you know what you are looking for. If you have made it here, then you might be considering the service. This is one of the most reputable and long-standing forex signal companies in the industry. They have been around for as long as I can remember, which means that they must be doing something right. In this ForexSignals Review, I will explain how it works along with the pros and cons. Hopefully, this can help you to decide if you will join the 83,000+ forex traders worldwide who already trust, one of the best forex signal providers. Review Review

What are Forex Signals?

In order to understand what do, we need to clarify what forex signals are. In a nutshell, forex Signals consist of buy or sell signals on particular currency pairs at certain times. They can give you a price to enter the trade along with optional take profit and stop loss levels. Some forex signals are provided for the end user to take the trade, whereas others can be copied directly onto the traders account without them need to do anything.

Forex signals are have become increasingly popular over the years as more and more people are taking an interest in forex trading. You can copy signals without needing any trading skills or experience, which can be an attractive proposition for beginners. They are also a possible solution for those of you who may not have the time to dedicate towards learning how to trade forex and analysing charts for buy or sell opportunities.

What is

Now we have clarified what forex signals are, if it wasn’t already obvious, is a signal provider that charge a small fee for users to receive professional trading signals. Not only that, but they are one of the only forex signal providers that offers an excellent range of educational content to help those who are willing to learn more about trading.

This includes trading guides, tutorial videos, strategies, tools, expert support and a trading room. They really do have everything you need to start trading forex from scratch, either taking a hands-off approach, maintaining full control over your decisions, or somewhere in between. They welcome traders from all over the globe with all different levels of expertise.

What do offer?

As mentioned above, is a complete forex trading package, providing great value for money when you consider you get access to everything for a small monthly fee. I have seen just a single trading course cost into the thousands elsewhere whilst getting direct access to professional traders in a trading room does not run cheap.

It is very handy to have everything under one roof, easily accessible from your web browser and via a mobile app. You can get as much or as little out of the service as you want. If you want to just copy forex signals then you can do that, if you want to copy trading signals and learn about how they work in the process, you can do that as well.

Now let’s take a look at the range of services that provide:

Forex Signals

This is the main core of what offer and probably the reason that you are considering joining them in the first place. They have a team of expert analysts with many years of experience studying the foreign exchange market. They are constantly analysing charts and following market news to discover trading signals that you can choose to copy onto your own account. It can take many years of practice and studying to learn how to spot good signals, so it can be priceless to have the expertise of seasoned professionals at your fingertips.

Trading Room

You can ask questions, share your ideas and learn from others inside the trading room. This is one of the most comprehensive forex trading rooms that I have come across. I remember back in the day make-shift online trading rooms that had almost cult like followings. It is nice to see how far things have come since then, with the technology evolving to allow like-minded traders a convenient platform to communicate with each other on.

I find that trading forex online can get lonely and even boring at times, whereas we all need to try and look after our mental health. Social trading can help with that but it is not required if you are a lone wolf and prefer to go things alone, there is also no problem with that either. That being said, anyone can join daily live streams and review currency pairs in real-time with the experts. I find this to be one of the best ways to improve your trading knowledge, along with practising strategies on a forex demo account.

  • Receive market analysis from well-seasoned Forex market analysts
  • Join daily live streams and review Forex pairs in real-time
  • Share your own trade ideas with other traders inside of the Trading Room Trading Room Trading Room

Live Stream

When you have an account with, you can stay informed with market trends via their daily live streams. Here you can watch experienced market analysts discuss the forex market in great detail and in a way that is easy to understand. Watch them at what they do best, analyse the financial markets with them and ask any questions throughout. Daily Live Streams Daily Live Streams

Expert Analysis

The team have over 30 years of trading experience that you can take advantage of. You can watch how they trade, chat with them 24/7 and ask them questions. This can be an invaluable resource for learning not just about how and why they trade, but how you can improve your own trading strategies. They cover technical and fundamental analysis across various financial instruments, including major, minor and exotic currency pairs.

  • Chat 24/7 with pro market analysts
  • Experienced in the main financial markets
  • Every question will be answered Expert Analysis Expert Analysis


I always say that I do not think anything can beat learning how to trade the forex market by yourself. Granted, automated forex signals can be a great help for many people, but if you can even spare a few minutes each day to learn as much as possible about trading online, I think this will be very beneficial in the long run. help to make it as easy as possible to improve your market knowledge with a plethora of easy to digest educational content that is suitable for new and advanced Forex traders. There is an impressive selection of 300+ hours of easy to understand video lessons without being overwhelming. You can put your forex knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes and ask the market analysts for help if you are confused at any time.

  • 300+ hours of easy to understand video lessons
  • Suitable for new and advanced Forex traders
  • Test your Forex knowledge with interactive quizzes
  • Confused? Ask their market analysts for help Education Education

Prop Trading

Proprietary trading is when you trade an account on behalf of company. Forex prop firms will provide you with a funded account and take a share of any profits that you make. If you think that you have got what it takes as a trader, are willing to back you with their capital. Successful traders can get up to $2.5 million of real money to trade any instrument with. What’s more, they will cover all losses and provide ongoing support throughout. When you’re ready and if you want to, you can upgrade your subscription payment to get an account funded by them.

  • 70% of any profits are yours
  • Get up to $2.5M USD to trade with
  • Real money, real trading
  • Trade any instrument
  • They cover any losses Prop Trading Prop Trading

Trading Tools

We all need a good set of trading tools if we are able to conduct in depth chart analysis and prepare our trades. Quality tools can help to ensure we make informed trade decisions and control our risk with sensible money management. have a generous choice of premium proprietary forex tools can optimise your trading and take it to the next level. These trading tools include the following:

  • Risk Manager EA: Monitor your trading account with this easy-to-use EA tool.
  • Momentum Meter: A very useful tool that will allow you to see the strength of currencies.
  • Naked Trading EA: A brilliantly simple but powerful tool. Identify opportunities in the markets and be notified in real-time.
  • Support & Resistance EA: Take away the guesswork with the custom-built tool. Know exactly where to draw your key areas of supply & demand.
  • Economic Calendar: The economic calendar showcases relevant events to help you trade these markets too.
  • Lot Size Calculator: Calculate the correct lot size for your trade depending on your risk appetite. Enter your entry price and check your risk tolerance.
  • Profit Calculator: Use the profit calculator to calculate the possible profit from a trade you are considering taking.
  • Currency Heat Map: Use the free currency heat map to determine the strongest and the weakest currencies on the forex market today.
  • Pivot Point Calculator: Use the advanced Pivot Point Calculator & find significant support & resistance levels in a matter of seconds.
  • Pip Calculator: With the free pip calculator you can calculate the pip value in the currency you want to trade in and manage your risk before entering a trade.
  • Currency Strength Meter: The free currency strength meter gives you a visual guide to determine the strongest and the weakest currency pairs on the Forex market in real-time.
  • Monte Carlo Simulator: Simulate your potential returns with the advanced Monte Carlo Simulator developed by internationally-recognised Forex market analysts.
  • Forex Margin Calculator: The Forex margin calculator can help you calculate the exact margin needed to open and hold your trading position with ease and trade with confidence.
  • CAGR Calculator: Calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate of your investments with the easy-to-use CAGR Calculator.


Not only do you get around the clock access to forex signals, educational resources, tools, expert analysts and a trading room, you can also benefit from a great selection of unique and powerful trading strategies. They have a strategy for every type of trader which you can discuss with the market analysts and your community. This includes swing trading, day trading and scalping strategies.

MetaTrader Tutorials

The MetaTrader platforms (MT4/MT5) are the most popular forex and CFD trading platforms today. If you’re just starting your trading journey, learning how to use these platforms can be overwhelming and confusing. The team of experienced market analysts teach you how to read your MT4/MT5 charts and apply trading strategies and trading indicators.

MetaTrader Platform
MetaTrader Platform App

Most of us have a mobile phone that we probably check more often than we should. If you find yourself glued to your mobile screen all of the time, why not put that time to better use with the App? You can catch every live stream and every piece of analysis, whilst you can watch video lessons no matter where you are. App App

How do I get started with

It is really simple to get started. You just need to click the ‘free trial’ button on the website and set up your account. You will then have a 7-day trial to make sure they have what you are looking for.

How does the Forex Signals free trial work?

It’s simple. Choose the membership level that best suits you after creating an account with a username and password. The yearly plan, which has a seven-day free trial period, is both the most affordable and popular plan that they provide. You receive access to their daily live streaming, instructional materials, discussions, expert analysis, forex signals and trade ideas from the community.

Who is for? cater to traders who want to be a part of a community, obtain guidance from seasoned market analysts, and improve their trading performance because they are sick of trading alone. Keep in mind that they provide much more than just trading signals although I don’t think that signals will make you a successful trader on their own.

There is much to choose from and a wide variety of traders from across the world will find what they are looking for. They support traders who want to become more proficient at learning new tactics and who aspire to maintain a steady edge in the markets. This means they can be appropriate for both novice traders who wish to learn the fundamentals and professional traders at the highest level.

Can anyone learn how to trade Forex?

To effectively grasp the markets, how much time are you prepared to invest is the actual question. Anyone can learn how to trade forex but it is a skill that, like any skill, takes practise to master. Both learning to trade Forex and making money long-term with trading signals take time. Forex signals by themselves do not guarantee success, so you should carefully consider your options before trading without understanding the signals you are using. You must actually learn how to begin trading Forex if you want to become a successful trader.

At, they try to keep things straightforward and will provide guidance as you go. They have seen traders with no experience develop into profitable traders.

What’s inside the Forex Signals trading room?

There are thousands of traders in the Forex Signals trading room, and each day, hundreds of them are active and assisting one another at any given time. They have four seasoned market analysts who live stream all day long, share trade bias, assist you in assessing your own trades, go over market opportunities, go over trading techniques, and much more.

They have assisted more than 83,000 trades, and do not show any signs of slowing down. No of your level of trading expertise, you will find top-notch instructive videos inside the trading room that you can watch at your leisure. Additionally, they have created high-end, proprietary Forex tools that you may download from directly inside the trading room.

Conclusion: is any good?

Despite the name, do not only provide currency signals. They are very open and honest with all of their traders, telling them that relying just on forex signals won’t enable them to become consistently profitable traders. I agree with this and have mentioned it numerous times throughout my blog. I don’t think anything can beat learning how to become a trader through lots of study and practice.

You will receive trading notifications each day when the free forex signals are released, as their community shares its best trade ideas and forex signals. In order to trade confidently, you can also offer your best forex signals for the community’s opinion. The number of signal providers on social media has increased dramatically in recent years, however if you’re looking for forex signal services, please make sure you do your research.

Many forex signal providers boast that they deliver “the greatest forex signals” available, but I know from experience that this is frequently not the case and that scammers are rampant in the market. If you ever want more information about why using a free forex signal service is not the true approach to build a career in trading, you can chat with them on their live chat service, available around-the-clock, and they will explain how signals providers operate.

Forex Signals provide a lot more than your typical fly by night trading signal provider. Their primary goal is to equip you with top-notch trading education and the necessary abilities so you won’t ever have to rely on a provider of forex signal services.


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  • Forex, Stocks, Commodities and more
  • Lots of quality educational content
  • Excellent range of premium trading tools
  • Learn new trading strategies
  • One of the best forex trading rooms
  • Get 24/7 expert market analysis
  • Very good value for money
  • Free trial available to give it a try
  • Prop trading for top traders
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Might be overwhelming for some
  • Requires user willing to learn
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