Fourier Extrapolator Indicator

The Fourier Extrapolator is a technical indicator that looks at past price data to predict how prices will move in the future. The Fourier extrapolator is a tool used by traders for forecasting the direction of future prices and identifying possible entry and exit points. In this article, we will review the Fourier Extrapolator Indicator and a possible trading strategy that uses this indicator.

What is the Fourier Extrapolator Indicator?

The Fourier Extrapolator indicator is a tool used in technical analysis to detect forex market trends. It is based on the Fourier series, a mathematical description of a periodic function as the sum of sinusoidal functions. This concept is used by the indicator to identify the prominent frequencies in the market data, which may be used to anticipate future market movements. The results of the Fourier analysis are used to make a line that shows the market’s trend. Traders can use this line to make smart decisions about when to buy and sell.

Fourier Extrapolator Strategy

The Fourier Extrapolator strategy is a trading strategy that bases buy or sell decisions on the Fourier Extrapolator indicator. The strategy entails studying the prominent frequencies determined by Fourier analysis in order to discover market trends and predict future market movements.

The Fourier Extrapolator technique generates buy and sell signals based on the forecasts produced by the Fourier Extrapolator indicator.

A buy signal may be formed if the Fourier analysis produces an upward trend line, implying that prices are likely to keep rising. In contrast, a sell signal might be produced when the trend line is sloping downward, indicating that prices are likely to fall.

Based on these forecasts, forex traders may decide to enter or exit trades or modify their current positions in the market. It is important to emphasize that the Fourier extrapolator is just one of many tools available to traders and that trading performance also relies on risk management and market knowledge, among other variables.

Buy Signal

Fourier Extrapolator Indicator Buy Signal
Fourier Extrapolator Indicator Buy Signal
  • Wait for the Fourier line to climb over a certain threshold level, suggesting a possible upward market trend.
  • You may place a buy order after confirmation from additional technical analysis tools and indicators.
  • You can take profits when the Fourier line begins to decline, or in accordance with your personal money management approach.

Sell Signal

Fourier Extrapolator Indicator Sell Signal
Fourier Extrapolator Indicator Sell Signal
  • Wait for the Fourier line to go below a certain threshold level, signaling a likely market downward trend.
  • You may place a sell order upon confirmation from further technical analysis tools and indicators.
  • You can take profit when the Fourier line begins to rise, or per your personal money management technique.

Fourier Extrapolator Indicator Pros & Cons


  • It can detect market trends and possible trend changes.
  • It can generate buy and sell signals that are clear and straightforward.
  • It is based on the well-established mathematical idea of the Fourier series.


  • It is based on historical market data, which may not reliably predict future market movements.
  • It does not consider any external variables, such as economic or political developments, that may affect the market.
  • In markets without clear trends, it might provide false signals or lose effectiveness.


In summary, the Fourier Extrapolator Indicator is a tool for technical analysis that identifies trends and predicts future market movements using the Fourier series. Fourier analysis may produce clear buy and sell signals depending on the dominant frequencies observed. Although it may be a valuable tool for traders, it should not be relied on alone since it is based on past market data and does not account for external variables that may influence the market. Additionally, it may provide false signals or lose effectiveness in markets devoid of clear trends. Traders should therefore use the Fourier Extrapolator indicator in combination with other technical analysis tools and market knowledge to make educated trading decisions.

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