FRZ Indicator Automater

The FRZ Indicator Automater is a professional adviser that can execute orders or transactions depending on the buffers and objects the indicator generates on the chart.

It can place trades or orders based on the indications from your indicators. It enables you to exit open trades based on the opposite signals.

Also, it allows traders to place or modify the TP/SL levels manually. Most signs with file formats in ex4 or mq4 are compatible with it. Numerous extra functions, including signal filtering, risk management, news filtering, and many others, are included with the EA.

The primary objective of the FRZ Indicator Automater is to determine trend-following entries and automatically place buy-sell orders of forex currency pairs. Although, the EA can also be applied to non-currency instruments such as commodities (Gold and Oil).

This guide explains how the FRZ Indicator Automater works, including its MT4 settings and key features.

FRZ Indicator Automater Strategy

The FRZ Indicator Automater colors page has a section with indicator buffers. Typically, buffers have matching colors and numbers. These hues signify some type of illustration on the chart, such as a trend line, arrow indication, or other objects.

A few examples of the items are arrows, triangles, buttons, fingers, etc. With this EA, you can barter or place orders using these objects. The previously stated indicator renaming is unnecessary if you only use object-based trading. Based on the items’ name prefixes, creation date, and colors of the objects.

FRZ Indicator Autometer for MT4
FRZ Indicator Automater for MT4

Buffer-based and object-based trading may be used simultaneously, and object-based trading may come from a different signal.

FRZ Indicator Automater Features

  • Applies smart trade averaging method.
  • Trades based on buffer signals and objects plotted by its indicators.
  • Supports both market execution and pending orders.
  • Determines TP and SL positions using ATR signals.
  • Built-in news filters.
  • Includes time and session-based trade filters.
  • Filters trade signals using a second indicator.
  • Can detect choppy markets and avoid trading in adverse market conditions.
  • Uses EMA filters.

FRZ Indicator Automater MT4 Settings

  • Trade Based on Indicator Buffers – Enable/disable indicator buffer-based trading.
  • Output Buffer Number for Buy Signals – Maximum buffer number allowed for buy orders.
  • Output Buffer Number for Sell Signals – Maximum buffer number allowed for sell orders.
  • Trade Based on Indicator Created Objects – Enable/disable S/R and trendline-based trading.
  • Lot Size – Default trading lot size.
  • Stop Loss – Default stop-loss limits for each trade.
  • Take Profit – Default TP range (in pips) for each trade.
  • Trailing Stop – Set the trailing stop limit.
  • Slippage Filter – Maximum slippage allowed while executing an order.
  • Spread Filter – Set the spread limit for activating and closing orders.
  • Magic Number – Unique EA identification number.

FRZ Indicator Automater Summary

The FRZ Indicator Automater can execute trades based on multiple relevant signals generated by supported indicators. Most indicators with entry indications, such as arrows, line crossings, etc., can be used with it. It is compatible with indicator files in the ex4 and mq4 forms. Apart from regular trading, this EA also allows the Martingale strategy. So beginner-level traders should be very cautious while using it for the first time and carefully check its MT4 settings and relevant parameters before engaging it for real trading.

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