FTMO vs E8 Funding

Proprietary trading has gained significant popularity in recent years, attracting aspiring traders looking to capitalize on financial markets without risking their own capital. Two prominent names in the proprietary trading space are FTMO and E8 Funding. Both firms offer aspiring traders an opportunity to trade with their capital and share profits based on predefined conditions. In this article, we will conduct a thorough comparative analysis of FTMO and E8 Funding, exploring their key features, trading conditions, funding processes, support for traders, and other essential factors to help traders make an informed decision.

FTMO vs E8 Funding
FTMO vs E8 Funding

Overview of FTMO

FTMO is a well-established proprietary trading firm that provides a platform for traders to showcase their skills and potentially get funded to trade with the firm’s capital. Founded in 2015, FTMO has gained a reputation for its rigorous evaluation process and trader support. It follows a two-step evaluation process: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. Traders must pass both stages to qualify for the funded account. FTMO offers a variety of trading accounts with different funding levels and risk parameters to cater to traders with diverse trading styles and experience levels.


Overview of E8 Funding

E8 Funding is also a proprietary trading firm that aims to empower traders by providing them access to its capital after successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation process. Although relatively newer than FTMO, E8 Funding has quickly made its mark in the industry with its personalized approach to trader support. Similar to FTMO, E8 Funding evaluates traders based on their performance and risk management skills. Successful traders receive funding and profit sharing based on their chosen account size and risk tolerance.

E8 Funding
E8 Funding

Trading Evaluation Process

FTMO’s Evaluation Process

FTMO’s evaluation process consists of two main stages:

  1. The Challenge: Traders are required to trade in a simulated environment with predefined trading conditions and risk parameters. The goal is to demonstrate consistent profitability and risk management skills. The Challenge helps FTMO assess a trader’s ability to perform under controlled circumstances and manage risk effectively.
  2. The Verification: Once traders pass the Challenge, they move on to the Verification stage, where they need to maintain their performance over a defined period. If successful, they qualify for a funded account. The Verification phase is designed to test traders’ ability to maintain consistent results over time and reinforce their risk management capabilities.

FTMO’s evaluation process is transparent, and traders receive detailed feedback on their trading performance, allowing them to identify strengths and weaknesses. This feedback-oriented approach fosters continuous improvement and helps traders refine their strategies.

E8 Funding’s Evaluation Process

E8 Funding also implements a comprehensive evaluation process to assess traders’ trading abilities and risk management:

  1. Evaluation Account: Traders begin by trading on an evaluation account, where they have to meet specific profit targets and risk management criteria. The Evaluation phase enables E8 Funding to gauge a trader’s profitability and risk management skills in a live trading environment.
  2. Funding Account: Upon meeting the requirements in the evaluation phase, traders are provided access to a funding account with the firm’s capital. E8 Funding offers different funding levels, allowing traders to choose an account size that aligns with their risk tolerance and trading goals.

E8 Funding’s evaluation process is performance-driven, and traders receive detailed feedback on their trading performance and risk management. The firm’s personalized approach to trader support helps traders build confidence and expertise.

Trading Accounts and Funding Levels

FTMO’s Trading Accounts

FTMO offers different trading accounts with varying levels of funding, risk, and profit sharing:

  1. Beginner: $10,000 funding with 50% profit share.
  2. Intermediate: $25,000 funding with 70% profit share.
  3. Advanced: $50,000 funding with 80% profit share.

Traders can choose an account size that matches their trading experience, capital requirements, and risk appetite. As traders progress to higher account levels, they receive a larger share of their profits, motivating them to aim for consistent growth.

E8 Funding’s Trading Accounts

E8 Funding offers traders three account options with the same profit-sharing percentage of 80%:

  1. Basic: $25,000 funding
  2. Advanced: $50,000 funding
  3. Pro: $100,000 funding

Traders can choose the account size that suits their trading style and goals. E8 Funding pays traders their profits in 8 days and then bi-weekly, and increases their drawdown limit by 1% with each withdrawal up to 14%.

Trading Conditions and Risk Management

FTMO’s Trading Conditions

FTMO sets predefined trading conditions, including maximum drawdown limits and daily loss limits, to ensure risk control. Traders must adhere to these conditions throughout the evaluation process and while trading the funded account. This risk management approach helps protect both traders and the firm’s capital from excessive losses and fosters a disciplined trading environment.

FTMO’s trading conditions aim to simulate real-market scenarios and ensure that traders maintain prudent risk management practices, which is crucial for long-term success in trading.

E8 Funding’s Trading Conditions

E8 Funding also imposes specific risk management rules and drawdown limits on its traders during both the evaluation and funding phases. This approach aligns with the firm’s commitment to providing a secure and supportive trading environment. By adhering to these trading conditions, traders can focus on executing their strategies effectively while minimizing potential risks.

E8 Funding’s dedication to risk management helps traders develop the necessary skills to navigate various market conditions while maintaining capital preservation.

Profit Sharing and Withdrawals

FTMO’s Profit Sharing

FTMO offers a graduated profit-sharing model, where traders receive a higher percentage of profits as they progress to higher account levels. Traders keep a significant portion of their profits, allowing them to grow their trading capital substantially. This profit-sharing structure motivates traders to aim for higher account levels, as it directly impacts their earning potential.

Upon successfully completing the evaluation process and trading with the funded account, traders can withdraw their profits regularly, providing an opportunity for traders to benefit financially from their successful trading performance.

E8 Funding’s Profit Sharing

E8 Funding offers traders a fixed profit-sharing model of 80% for all account sizes:

Basic: $25,000 funding; Advanced: $50,000 funding; Pro: $100,000 funding.

Traders can choose the account size that suits their trading style and goals. E8 Funding pays traders their profits in 8 days and then every 14 days by bank wire transfer, Skrill or cryptocurrencies, and increases their drawdown limit by 1% with each withdrawal up to 14%.

Support and Resources

FTMO’s Support and Resources

FTMO offers a range of support resources to traders, making it stand out as an excellent platform for trader development:

  1. Educational Materials: FTMO provides educational materials, including trading guides, webinars, and articles, to help traders enhance their trading skills and knowledge.
  2. Community: Traders on the FTMO platform become part of a supportive community where they can interact with fellow traders, share ideas, and seek guidance.
  3. Personalized Feedback: Throughout the evaluation process and funded account trading, traders receive personalized feedback from FTMO’s team of experts. This constructive feedback assists traders in identifying areas for improvement and refining their trading strategies.

The combination of educational resources, community engagement, and personalized feedback creates a conducive environment for traders to grow and succeed.

E8 Funding’s Support and Resources

E8 Funding is known for its hands-on support and mentorship for traders. The firm provides personalized coaching and guidance, which can be beneficial for traders seeking one-on-one attention and guidance tailored to their specific trading styles.

In addition to individual support, E8 Funding also offers educational resources and webinars to help traders enhance their trading skills and stay updated with market developments.

E8 Funding’s focus on personalized support ensures that traders receive the attention and guidance needed to excel in their trading journey.

Costs and Fees

FTMO’s Costs and Fees

FTMO charges a fee for using their evaluation platform, which varies based on the chosen account level. The evaluation fee covers the cost of using the platform, receiving personalized feedback, and accessing support resources.

Traders are not required to make any initial deposit or bear any losses during the evaluation process. The evaluation fee is a one-time cost, and there are no ongoing fees or charges during the evaluation period.

E8 Funding’s Costs and Fees

E8 Funding also has an evaluation fee, and traders do not need to invest their capital during the evaluation phase. However, traders may need to cover any losses they incur during the evaluation process. This loss coverage requirement ensures that traders approach the evaluation process with discipline and risk management in mind.

Upon successfully completing the evaluation and obtaining a funded account, E8 Funding may charge a small monthly subscription fee, which varies based on the chosen account level. This subscription fee covers access to the firm’s resources and support services.


In conclusion, both FTMO and E8 Funding are reputable and well-regarded proprietary trading firms that provide traders with opportunities to access funding and share profits based on their trading performance. Each firm has its unique evaluation process, trading conditions, profit-sharing models, and support offerings.

Traders seeking to join a proprietary trading firm should carefully consider their trading style, risk appetite, and support needs before choosing between FTMO and E8 Funding. Participating in their evaluation programs or interacting with their trader communities can provide valuable insights into the firm’s culture and trader support capabilities.

It is essential to recognize that success in proprietary trading requires not only a solid trading strategy but also discipline, risk management skills, and continuous learning. Traders should conduct thorough research, evaluate their options, and potentially seek guidance from experienced traders or financial advisors before making any decisions.

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