Funded Trading Plus Review

Due to the big amount of leverage that forex brokers provide to traders, this market is particularly alluring to investors with limited resources. Lack of cash or capital can seriously prevent traders from being able to trade full-time while they are trying to advance to the next level. Funded Trading Plus can help in this situation.

This article will examine Funded Trading Plus, a proprietary trading firm that provides forex traders with up to $500,000 in capital, cash bonuses, and a hefty profit share. In this Funded Trading Plus Review, we will take a look at what they offer along with the pros and cons to help you decide if this a good prop company for you.

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus are looking for seasoned traders that can forecast the direction of the market. You will be given the opportunity to join their team if you can successfully showcase your trading talent through the prop trading programmes.

You will trade in live accounts using real money on the live market once you have successfully completed the evaluation phases. This implies that you will be able to withdraw your money whenever you are successful.

You won’t merely be using a demo account, unlike some other forex prop firms. They have a unique assistance programme, which is created to nurture your skill, to enable you to reach your full potential while being treated like a VIP.

The Funded Trading Plus programmes are made to be simple, open, and equitable. They have straightforward regulations. I like how they don’t charge monthly fees since they think that forcing consumers to trade by putting time constraints leads to unwise judgements.

An experienced trader will be able to complete the trades quite rapidly. You could require a little more time if you have less experience. Contrary to many other companies on the market, FTP truly desires top-notch traders to access money with them.

Funded Trading Plus Homepage
Funded Trading Plus Homepage

How does Funded Trading Plus work?

Phase 1 – Assessment

During phase 1, you will need to pass on assessment with a strict criterion to show them you have what it takes to get access to a funded trading account. They can’t just give out funded account to everyone as this would be extremely risky on their part. The terms are quite strict but certainly achievable if you have a trading strategy that you are well versed in.

  • 10% Profit Target
  • 6% Drawdown
  • 3% Daily Drawdown
  • No Stop Loss Required
  • Hold Overnight & Weekend

Phase 2 – Live Account

Completing the phase 1 assessment will gain you a real, live funded trading account for you to place trades.

Experienced Trader Programme

For traders with previous market experience, Funded Trading Plus created the Experienced Trader Program. Since it is a one-phase evaluation, only one phase needs to be finished in order to qualify for funding. In order to increase the likelihood that traders will succeed, they have tailored the programme to best support low risk trading.

Traders can scale their account amount up to $2,500,000 at a 10% profit target, which is the next level. FTP does not set time limits or charge monthly fees for this programme since they believe that these restrictions are unfair because they frequently force traders to complete trades as quickly as possible.

Advanced Trader Programme

The advanced trader programme account at Funded Trading Plus aims to find serious, gifted traders who are rewarded for their consistency over the two-phase evaluation period, during which you are permitted to trade at 1:30 leverage.

In order to pass the first evaluation phase, a trader must hit their 10% profit target without going over their 5% daily loss or 10% trailing drawdown limits. Phase two entry is not subject to any minimum or maximum trading day criteria.

In order to pass the second evaluation step, a trader must hit a 5% profit target without going over their 5% daily loss or 10% trailing drawdown limits. There are no restrictions on the number of trading days you must have in a row in order to fund your account.

When you successfully complete both evaluation rounds, you are given a funded account without profit targets. Only the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum trailing drawdown criteria must be followed.

Once a week, you must make a profit of more than $50 in order to seek your pay-out. When scaling your account for the first time, you start with an 80% profit share that may be expanded to a maximum of 90%.

Master Trader Programme

The master trader programme account at Funded Trading Plus enables traders to forego the evaluation entirely and begin making money right away. Based on the profit you generate when trading with 1:30 leverage, you receive splits ranging from 70% to 90%.

The spreadsheet above shows the scaling plan for the master trader programme accounts. The only prerequisite for scaling your account is to hit a profit target of 10%. Before scaling up, withdrawals are permitted, but you need 10% profit in the account before you can do so.

Withdrawals and Profit Share

This prop firm operate on an 80/20 split, giving you 80% of profits and keeping 20% for themselves. All earnings exceeding this amount can be adjusted to a 90/10 split (with 90% going to you and 10% going to them) upon request once customers have made 20% profit on their live funded trading account. Any profit you generate over $50 on your live account is withdrawable once per week.

Funded Trading Plus Platforms

While conducting the assessment and using actual accounts, FTP run every account on MT4 or MT5. These are 2 of the most popular and user-friendly forex trading platforms that you will find anywhere. The preferred broker is Eightcap. On the largest variety of marketplaces, Eightcap has the tightest spreads. Eightcap also possesses all of the major global regulatory licences, so they are confident that the capital is secure in addition to the fact that they will pay out for prop traders.

Why choose Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus is dedicated to providing a broad selection of programmes that have been created by specialists to fit virtually any style of trader. Additionally, they have carefully craft trading programmes to assist traders in reducing the likelihood that they would break any laws since they want traders to experience long-term success and stay with them for many years to come.

  • Real money, not practise money, is used in a live account. The true market is where traders make their money.
  • The founders have been training traders since 2013 and are active traders themselves.
  • The only sponsored trading company that provides 250+ crypto markets in addition to the standard forex, index, and commodity markets
  • They have created prop trading programmes based on research and surveys of the needs and preferences of traders. They didn’t want to just produce another set of standardised programmes.
  • In actuality, they seek traders of high calibre. Instead of paying winners and losers, they fund real accounts with real money so that traders can trade on the real market.
  • To ensure that your only concern is trading, Funded Trading Plus provides top-notch support.

How do Funded Trading Plus compare to other prop firms?

Due to the fact that it offers three distinct funding programs—Experienced, Advanced, and Master—Funded Trading Plus stands apart from the majority of industry-leading prop firms. You can trade during news events, hold trades overnight, and on the weekends nearly without any limits (except on advanced and master programs).

Unlike other prop companies, Funded Trading Plus’ experienced trader programme is an evaluation programme that you must finish before receiving payments. The experienced trader programme has a 10% profit target, 3% daily loss cap, and 6% trailing drawdown cap. The experienced trader programme accounts have no minimum or maximum trading day limitations, unlike other sector-leading prop businesses, allowing traders to advance at their own pace.

Contrarily, the Funded Trading Plus advanced trader programme is a two-phase evaluation process that participants must complete before being eligible for payments. A 10% maximum trailing drawdown and a 5% maximum daily loss are the profit targets for phases one and two, respectively. The advanced trader programme accounts have no minimum or maximum trading day limitations, unlike other sector-leading prop firms, allowing traders to improve at their own pace.

In contrast to other prop companies, Funded Trading Plus additionally offers direct funding master trader programmes. These accounts only have a maximum trailing drawdown of 5%; there is no maximum daily loss. Additionally, there are no limitations for minimum or maximum trading days. Another advantage is that there are no minimum profit thresholds needed to qualify for weekly pay-outs of 70% to 90% profit splits; rather, all that is needed is a profit of at least $50.

Finally, by providing three separate funding packages, Funded Trading Plus distinguishes itself from other sector-leading prop firms. They are a terrific option for any trader since they provide traders with simple regulations and allow them to trade during news events, hold deals overnight, and on the weekends (except on advanced and master programs).

Conclusion: is Funded Trading Plus a good prop firm?

In conclusion, Funding Trading Plus is a trustworthy proprietary trading company that gives traders the option to select between Experienced, Advanced, and Master funding programmes.

The experienced trader programme is an evaluation programme, and before you can receive rewards, you must successfully complete one phase. You must achieve a 10% profit target without going over the 3% daily loss and 6% trailing drawdown limits. You can scale your accounts while earning up to 90% profit splits with seasoned trader programmes.

Advanced trader programmes are a type of two-phase evaluation challenge that is customary in the business. Before funding and the ability to get split profits are granted, both stages must be completed. Before becoming funded under Funded Trading Plus, traders must achieve profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two, which are reasonable trading goals given that there are limitations limiting daily losses to 5% and trailing drawdowns to 10%. You can scale your accounts and receive profit splits of up to 90% with advanced trader programmes.

In reality, master trader programmes are direct funding programmes that let you trade with a funded account and receive weekly profit splits without waiting for the evaluation time to end. Additionally, there aren’t any deadlines, lot size constraints, or consistency guidelines to adhere to. You can scale your accounts and receive profit splits ranging from 70% to 90% thanks to master trader programmes.

They are a relatively young organisation that specialises in proprietary trading, and they provide fantastic terms with three distinct funding options that cater to a wide range of people with various trading philosophies. Funded Trading Plus is undoubtedly one of the finest prop organisations in the market after taking into account everything they have to offer.

Funding Trading Plus









  • Clear and concise trading rules
  • Profit split can reach 90%
  • Scalping options available
  • Up to $2,500,000 capital
  • Good selection of trading instruments
  • Work with a well-known brokerage firm
  • Trade on both MetaTrader platforms
  • Overnight trading and holding is allowed
  • No minimum or maximum trading days
  • News trading is allowed


  • Leverage restricted to 1:30
  • Not the lowest initial fee
  • Quite tough trading targets
  • Relatively new prop trading firm