FX Atom Pro Review

In this post I will be reviewing another Karl Dittmann forex trading system this one called FX Atom Pro. Just like some of Karl Dittmann’s other forex trading systems, the FX Atom Pro runs in the free to download and widely used MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform which is available from nearly all forex brokers worldwide.

I would always use an ECN forex broker for the best possible trading conditions such as low spreads, low commissions and plenty of liquidity to ensure low slippage and best price quotes for entering and exiting trades.

The FX Atom Pro trading system is a combination of very easy to interpret and colour coded forex trading signals that will provide you with what it interprets as good entry and exit opportunities in the forex market. Thus, due the FX Atom Pro ease of setup and use, it is suitable for both beginner and advanced forex traders amongst you. You do not need to take every signal, I would always verify them with my own analysis.

FX Atom Pro Review
FX Atom Pro Review

FX Atom Pro Trading System

The FX Atom Pro uses a unique algorithm to analyse the forex market and then present you the results in colour coded indicators which when they agree, produce signal alerts for you to then decide if you should take the entry or not. You can also use the signals for potential market turning points and thus trade exits.

FX Atom Pro can be used on any currency pair or time frame you wish, the major currency pairs tend to have tighter spreads due to their liquidity whereas the higher time frames (h1 and above) help me to filter out a lot of noise that lower time frame can give.

Due to its flexibility, you can use the FX Atom Pro indicators when it suits you to fit around your schedule.

You do also not need to watch the charts as it can analyse multiple currency pairs and time frames simultaneously and send you sound, mobile and email alerts when it finds a signal.

FX Atom Pro Review
FX Atom Pro Review

FX Atom Pro Summary

The FX Atom Pro is a basic manual forex trading system on the surface and seems to be designed more for trending markets. I would personally add further technical, fundamental and price action analysis to confirm signals whilst I would certainly ensure that I have a good money management strategy in place to ensure that winning trades are greater than losing trades and of course as always, I would try and have my trading emotions in check!

I would practice on a MetaTrader 4 demo trading account I master the FX Atom Pro system. FX Atom Pro comes with templates, indicators, instructions, support, updates and some bonuses as well as a money back guarantee.

FX Atom Pro









  • MetaTrader 4
  • Manual Trading System
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Full Support
  • Color Coded Indicators
  • Signal Alerts
  • Money Back Guarantee