FXDreema vs EA Builder Pro

The realm of algorithmic trading has witnessed a surge in popularity, with traders increasingly turning to Expert Advisor (EA) builders to automate and execute their trading strategies. Two prominent players in this arena, FXDreema and EA Builder Pro, offer users the ability to create EAs without delving into complex coding. In this detailed analysis, we will explore and compare the features, usability, and pricing plans of both platforms, aiding traders in making informed decisions based on their unique preferences and requirements.

FXDreema vs EA Builder Pro
FXDreema vs EA Builder Pro

User Interface and Ease of Use

FXDreema: Graphical Blocks for Intuitive Design

FXDreema distinguishes itself with a user-friendly, graphical block-based interface. The platform’s approach allows users to design trading strategies visually, using drag-and-drop functionality to connect different blocks. This graphical representation is particularly advantageous for traders with limited coding skills, providing an intuitive and accessible means to create intricate algorithms.


EA Builder Pro: Simplifying Algorithmic Trading for Everyone

EA Builder Pro also boasts a user-friendly interface designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders. The platform adopts a template-based approach, allowing users to choose from pre-designed templates or start from scratch. The inclusion of a Web Library for indicators and a step-by-step process further simplifies the creation of EAs, ensuring that users can automate their strategies without extensive coding knowledge.

EA Builder Pro
EA Builder Pro

Features and Functionality

FXDreema: A Rich Set of Features

FXDreema provides a comprehensive set of features aimed at empowering traders in building effective and sophisticated trading strategies:

  • Work with Events: FXDreema supports events such as Init, Timer, Tick, Trade, Chart, or Deinit, providing flexibility in strategy design.
  • Trailing Stop: The platform includes Trailing Stop functionality for enhanced risk management, allowing traders to optimize their strategies.
  • Global Constants and Variables: Users can leverage Global Constants and Variables for customizing projects and tailoring strategies to their specific needs.
  • Money Management Tools: FXDreema offers various money management tools, including Risk %, Fibonacci, and a customizable Martingale strategy.
  • Graphical Object Control: Traders can visualize their strategies by controlling graphical objects like arrows, lines, text, and Fibonacci levels.
  • Communication Features: The platform enables users to send messages to email, websites, or smartphones, enhancing communication capabilities.
  • Custom Block Creation: For advanced users, FXDreema allows the creation and utilization of custom blocks within projects.
  • History of Actions: The platform keeps a history of actions, enabling users to undo specific actions and backtrack as needed.
  • Cloud-Based Backtesting: FXDreema facilitates cloud-based backtesting, allowing users to evaluate the performance of their strategies efficiently.

EA Builder Pro: Comprehensive Toolkit

EA Builder Pro offers a toolkit designed to simplify the process of EA creation:

  • Templates: Users can kickstart their EA creation by choosing from a selection of templates, providing a foundation for strategy development.
  • Indicator Support: The platform supports both standard MetaTrader indicators and custom indicator uploads, enhancing flexibility in strategy design.
  • Trade Signals: Traders can create trade signals to define conditions for opening or closing orders based on indicators or specific criteria.
  • Strategy Modules: EA Builder Pro includes strategy modules for managing open orders, setting Stop Loss and Take Profit values, and defining trading sessions.
  • Money Manager: The platform features a configurable Money Manager, allowing users to determine the level of risk their EA is exposed to.
  • Cloud Backtesting: Users can run backtests in the cloud to efficiently evaluate the performance of their strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  • Export to MetaTrader: EA Builder Pro allows users to export their strategies to MetaTrader in either MQL or EX format, facilitating seamless deployment.
  • Web-Based Access: The web-based nature of the platform ensures that users can access and manage their EAs from any device with an internet connection.

Pricing Plans

EA Builder Pro: Transparent Subscription Plans

EA Builder Pro adopts a subscription-based pricing model with clear and concise options:

  • Yearly Plan: $59.99/year
  • Monthly Plan: $14.99/month

Subscribing to a paid plan unlocks a range of benefits, including access to all features, an ad-free experience, high-quality software, data security, and support for ongoing development. Subscribers are also protected from future price increases, offering transparency and assurance.

FXDreema: One-Time Payments with Flexibility

FXDreema’s pricing model revolves around one-time payments, providing users with flexibility:

  • 1 Month: $27.46
  • 3 Months: $47.23
  • 6 Months: $76.89
  • 9 Months: $105.45
  • 12 Months: $135.10

Each payment is a one-time transaction, and users can extend their plans seamlessly without losing any active time. FXDreema emphasizes that when a plan expires, profiles revert to “Free” status, but projects and downloaded programs remain accessible. The platform allows users to request a refund if FXDreema does not meet their needs.

Extra Information and Considerations

EA Builder Pro: Subscription Benefits

EA Builder Pro emphasizes the benefits of subscribing to a paid plan, underscoring the importance of supporting the development team. Subscribers gain access to all features, an ad-free software experience, and the assurance of high-quality service. The subscription model also contributes to ongoing improvements and maintenance.

FXDreema: Trial and Responsibility Disclaimer

FXDreema encourages users to try the platform for free, particularly for small projects, offering a risk-free introduction to its capabilities. The platform highlights the responsibility of users for losses incurred during trading, reinforcing the need for thorough testing in the Strategy Tester and on a demo account before deploying EAs in live trading.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Tool for You

Both FXDreema and EA Builder Pro stand out as robust solutions in the realm of algorithmic trading, each catering to different preferences and trading styles. The decision between the two platforms ultimately hinges on individual needs, coding proficiency, and specific trading requirements.

If the idea of a graphical block-based approach appeals to you, and you prefer a one-time payment structure, FXDreema could be an excellent fit. Its emphasis on a trial option for small projects and flexibility in payment plans adds to its appeal, especially for traders who prefer a straightforward pricing model.

On the other hand, if you are inclined towards a subscription-based model, value ongoing support and development, and prefer a template-driven interface, EA Builder Pro may align better with your preferences. The clarity in pricing plans, the assurance of an ad-free experience, and the support for ongoing development contribute to its attractiveness for traders seeking a comprehensive and continuously evolving solution.

In conclusion, whether you opt for the intuitive blocks of FXDreema or the template-driven simplicity of EA Builder Pro, both platforms aim to empower traders to realize their algorithmic trading goals. The dynamic landscape of algorithmic trading welcomes these accessible tools, providing traders with the means to automate strategies without delving into the complexities of coding. The choice between FXDreema and EA Builder Pro rests on your personal preferences, trading objectives, and the specific features that resonate with your unique trading style.

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