FXMasterBot Review


In this post I will be reviewing the FXMasterBot forex trading robot. You can choose if you want to manually or automatically take the trades, depending on what package you choose and options you have set.

FXMasterBot Review Screenshot
FXMasterBot Review Screenshot

FXMasterBot Trading Strategy

The different settings offered by the FXMasterBot allow you to approve trades, go into the ‘auto trading’ mode, set limits on your trading activity and even decide in advance the minimum or maximum number of trades that you would like to execute each day.

To become the “master” you can upgrade through the levels as your confidence and knowledge of the FXMasterBot increases, which has the added benefit of extra settings becoming available to you. With more options available, the more complex the FXMasterBot strategies become which allows you to challenge yourself.

The levels offered by the FXMasterBot are novice, expert and master. The novice package offers 3 currency pairs, 3 open trades and free signals. The expert package offers 9 currency pairs, unlimited open order, partly advanced settings and auto trading. The master package offers 17 currency pairs, unlimited open trades, all advanced settings and VIP customer support.

FXMasterBot Review Screenshot
FXMasterBot Review Screenshot

FXMasterBot Summary

Overall, the FXMasterBot is a semi and fully automated forex software option. It is customisable to suit your needs yet easy to use. Support is prompt and you do not need lots of trading experience to use the FXMasterBot as instructions are included so you can get up and running.

There is a very useful demo mode that will allow you to trade with the FXMasterBot without risking your own funds until you become familiar with how it works.

The FXMasterBot has been designed to make sure that whatever your level of trading is, it will provide you with all of the trading tools necessary to ensure that you will feel comfortable before taking part in Live Trading.

You can manually or automatically approve the FXMasterBot’s trades. There is no software to download as FXMasterBot is web based and will even work on your mobile or tablet.

FXMasterBot Review Packages
FXMasterBot Review Packages











  • Fully Automated Signals
  • Web Based Software
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Demo
  • Advanced Settings
  • Full Support