FXQuaser EA Review

The FXQuaser EA is an automated forex trading robot that can scan currency pair charts in the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform for trading signals. When the algorithm implemented within the FXQuaser expert advisor identifies a potential opportunity, it can enter a trade position which it will then manage and eventually exit, all automatically. The user will just need their MetaTrader terminal open with the robot attached to the relevant charts and using the preferred settings.

This is another forex robot from the same development team who have a range of other forex software that I have previously reviewed including Forex inControl, FxDiverse, FXCharger, FXParabol EA, FxStabilizer, FXConstant EA, FXHelix, FXZipper EA, FXTrackPRO, FXRapid EA, MyForexPath EA, FXGoodway EA, Forex Truck EA and the FXCipher EA.

You may ask yourself why do these developers sell so many forex robots when they claim each of them can perform so well. Surely, they should be using them on their own accounts and raking in pips rather than selling them and dealing with customer support issues.

Hopefully this FXQuaser EA review will help you decide if these claims are backed up with solid trading strategies, top-quality backtests and verified real account results. We will look at the most important aspects to consider when choosing a forex robot to see if this is a forex expert advisor (EA) that you would consider running on your own trading account.

FXQuaser EA Trading Strategy

The FXQuaser EA uses a combination of market analysis along with 6 independent sessions and a risk limiting system. It has been developed to trade on the AUD/USD currency pair and 1-hour chart timeframe. Interestingly, this robot does not use indicators which is unusually for any trading robot but not necessarily a bad thing as there are many other ways to analyse the forex market.

Instead, FXQuaser works directly with quotes and internal algorithms for analysing the current market scenario, as well as analysing price movements over the past days. Based on the results obtained, it decides whether to open a trade or wait, and in which direction to trade. This could make it more of a dynamic trading strategy when compared to some other forex robots that use rigid trading systems that trade the same regardless of the current market conditions.

3 of the FXQuaser sessions trade exclusively using long (buy) positions and the other 3 trade using short (sell) positions. Each of the sessions analyses the market in its own unique way, depending on the point of view being for long or short positions. As all of the sessions work independently of each other, this allows them to enter the market when they deem necessary without conflicting with each other.

FXQuaser EA Features

Now that we have an idea of the forex strategy being used by the robot, here we will take a look at some of the key features.

Automated Forex Trading

The FXQuaser robot is fully automated which means that it can do everything on behalf of the forex trader running the software on their MT4 or MT5 platform. Whilst this does make the software accessible to traders of all experience levels, it is important to make sure you understand the risks that come with using any forex robot such as this one. Never risk more than what you can afford to lose and make sure you adjust the risk or lot size to something that you feel happy with.

Any Forex Broker

The expert advisor is also compatible with any forex broker that has the MetaTrader desktop platforms and can work on any type of forex trading account. The robot also has a mode which mean that it can be compatible with NFA regulated brokers. That being said, I would always look for a forex broker that has low spreads, low commission fees and lots of liquidity for reliable execution speeds. These are all important things to consider when choosing a suitable broker and can even help save on trading costs in the long run. That being said, as the FXQuaser EA is trading on the 1-hour charts, it may not be so susceptible to broker conditions as say a forex scalping robot could.

Multiple Trading Systems

This EA uses a combination of trading strategies that run independently of each other which means that it can have the capabilities to adjust to the existing market conditions. Of course, it cannot be right every time but this does help diversify the long and short positions depending on the price actions at any given time.

Risk Limiting System

As the name implies, this feature is incorporated so that each individual user can set a maximum risk and drawdown limit that they are willing to accept. Should the FXQuaser EA suffer losses greater than those specified within the risk limitation system, the software can close out all of the open trader to try and avoid further losses.

Customisable Settings

The developer does provide optimised settings based on their years of development and testing of this particular automated system. However, they have also made the input settings external available so that users can adjust them as they deem fit and even experiment with their own settings if they want to. Whilst many users may just want to use the EA out of the box as is, there is the potential there for those of you who have the skills and knowledge and want to test this forex strategy on different currency pairs and chart time frames.

FXQuaser Package

When you purchase the FXQuaser EA, you will receive a lifetime license to use the EA on a real trading account which can actually be changed online at any time you need to do so. You can also get demo licenses to try the software on practice accounts. Personally, I would always start with a forex robot on a demo account to begin with in order to get used to how it works and see if it is something that I feel confident enough to use on a real account. Just keep in mind that demo trading conditions are not exactly the same as live trading conditions.

The robot costs $279 which includes both MT4 and MT5 versions along with a detailed user manual, 24/7 technical support and free updates. Anyone who purchases the EA gets a 30-day money back guarantee to see if it is for them. If not, you can send the developers a request and they should refund you right away.

FXQuaser EA Back Testing

The development team have provided us with some FXQuaser backtests over around 5 years of historical data to see how it may have performed historically based on a testing environment. The problem with the backtests is that they are only using a modelling quality of 90% which means that they are not using tick data, variable spreads or including commissions. For this reason, I wouldn’t personally take much from these results. It would be great if they could update them taking into consideration the factors that I have just mentioned so we could see 99% modelling quality tests over a longer period of time to see how the robot would have stood the test of time through even more market conditions.

FXQuaser EA Results

The developers of FXQuaser have published and shared a real trading account running the EA that has been verified by the third party Myfxbook analysis tool. It shows how the software has been performing over a prolonged period of time. Whilst this can give us a general idea of how it trades, always remember that results are based on historical data and not a guarantee of what will happen moving forward. That being said, you may see the latest FXQuaser results in the graph and you can click it for more detailed statistical information. To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

FXQuaser EA Summary

The FXQuaser EA certainly has some potential when you consider the diverse and flexible trading strategy that it incorporates. The automated nature of the software does make it an option for beginners and experience forex traders alike whilst there are verified Myfxbook accounts to see how it has been performing. However, this does not guarantee future results and the backtests could be significantly improved. The problem for me is that the drawdown is very high and therefore I would not personally use this particular forex robot as it is using money management that is too risky for my taste. You could always try it on a demo account to see if the results live up to your expectations. Otherwise, please feel free to browse my forex robot reviews for some alternative options.

FXQuaser EA









  • Automated forex trading system
  • Customisable Settings
  • Verified Results Provided
  • MT4 and MT5 platforms
  • Combination of trading strategies
  • Risk management settings
  • Backtests Available
  • Detailed instructions
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free updates


  • Limited Currency Pairs
  • Limited Backtest Quality
  • Potentially High Drawdowns
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