FXSSI Calendar

Every trader knows how important it is to stay on top of market news and events. But sometimes, keeping track of all the data can be a hassle. That’s where FXSSI Calendar comes in. This informational indicator is a helpful tool for traders, displaying the days of the week as vertical lines of different styles across the entire height of the chart window. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of this tool.

What is FXSSI Calendar?

FXSSI Calendar is an indicator that displays the days of the week as vertical lines in different styles across the chart window. The thin dotted line marks the beginning of the day, the dash-dotted line marks the beginning of a new week (Monday), and the solid line marks the beginning of the month. This tool is designed to help traders quickly analyze price movement within a particular day, week, or month, making it easier to identify trends and make informed trading decisions.

How is FXSSI Calendar Useful?

The indicator in FXSSI Calendar makes price movement analysis faster and more illustrative. This is because it displays daily, weekly, and monthly zones, allowing traders to use them on different timeframes. Moreover, it replaces the standard grid in the terminal, making it easier to understand price movement.

The FXSSI Calendar also comes with a built-in calendar of holidays (days off) that informs you about the upcoming market close. The corresponding label with the country flag will be displayed at the bottom of the chart. By clicking on it, you can see exactly which day is being celebrated. This helps traders stay informed and make informed decisions about their trading strategies.

Features of FXSSI Calendar

The FXSSI Calendar lets you choose the position of labels on the chart (top/bottom), and the size of the names of days of the week (short/automatic). Finally, you can customize the color scheme of the vertical lines and the names of the days of the week (automatic/white background/black background), the FXSSI Indicator also features the following:

  • The FXSSI Calendar shows daily, weekly, and monthly zones for different timeframes.
  • When switching to the D1 timeframe, only weekly and monthly zones will be displayed to keep the information concise.
  • The indicator will not be displayed on timeframes W1 and higher due to the small distance between the lines.
  • You can customize the display of holidays depending on the currency pair or disable them completely.
  • There is an option to display labels showing holidays, including all holidays, only those related to the selected currency pair, or no labels at all.


The FXSSI Calendar is an indicator that traders can use to analyze price movements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis more quickly and clearly. The different styles of vertical lines representing each day of the week, along with the built-in holiday calendar, help traders stay aware of market closures and adapt their trading strategies accordingly, traders can also customize the display of holidays and the indicator’s color scheme to suit different currency pairs and timeframes, making it a versatile tool for trading. By combining it with the Round Levels indicator, traders can replace the standard grid and gain a more comprehensive view of price movements.

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