FXSVPS is a Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server) service provided by FXSUCCESS Ltd. It is a hosting solution designed specifically for forex traders and offers specialized VPS plans for Windows MT4, EA Trading, and cTrader. With FXSVPS, traders can optimize their trading platforms and strategies by accessing a dedicated virtual server that provides enhanced performance, stability, and low latency. In the subsequent sections of this article, we will delve into the features and ease of use offered by FXSVPS, including the Cheap and Exclusive Forex VPS plans. We will examine the key specifications, benefits, and limitations of each plan, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the available options.

Features and User-Friendly Functionalities


FXSVPS offers a range of Forex VPS solutions that cater to the diverse needs of traders, combining affordability with high performance. Let’s explore the key features of their service:

  1. Affordable Forex VPS Plans: FXSVPS provides cost-effective hosting solutions with plans like Economy Starter, Economy Pro, and Economy Zone. These plans offer a budget-friendly option for traders seeking reliable hosting services.
  2. CPU Core and RAM Allocation: The plans include 1 CPU core, providing efficient processing capabilities for running trading platforms and strategies. RAM allocations ranging from 800 MB to 1600 MB ensure smooth and efficient operation of trading applications.
  3. SSD Storage: FXSVPS utilizes SSD storage ranging from 15 GB to 25 GB. This results in faster performance compared to traditional HDD drives, enabling quick data retrieval and improved system responsiveness.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: Traders can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, allowing them to handle high volumes of data transfer without restrictions or additional charges. This ensures reliable and uninterrupted connectivity for executing trades.
  5. Dedicated IP Address: Each plan includes a dedicated IP address, facilitating remote access to the VPS and ensuring secure connections for traders.
  6. Pre-installed MT4: The affordable Forex VPS plans come with pre-installed MT4, eliminating the need for manual setup and configuration. Traders can quickly start their trading activities with ease.

For traders with more advanced requirements, FXSVPS offers Exclusive Forex plans:

  1. Enhanced CPU Power: The Exclusive Forex plans feature 2 CPU cores, providing enhanced processing power to handle multiple instances of MT4 or other trading software simultaneously.
  2. Higher RAM Allocation: RAM allocations ranging from 2 GB to 5 GB ensure smooth operation of resource-intensive trading applications, accommodating the needs of advanced traders.
  3. Ample SSD Storage and Backup Space: The Exclusive Forex plans provide SSD storage ranging from 30 GB to 60 GB, along with additional SSD backup space. Traders can securely store and retrieve their data efficiently.
  4. User-Friendly Features: FXSVPS prioritizes user-friendly functionality with features like MT4 auto-login, VPS activation within two hours, and SA installation. These conveniences make the trading experience seamless and hassle-free.


FXSVPS offers a range of pricing options for their Forex VPS plans, catering to traders with different needs and budget considerations. Here is an overview of the available plans and their corresponding prices:

  • Economy Starter: Starting at $2.90 per month.
  • Economy Pro: Starting at $5.99 per month.
  • Economy Zone: Starting at $4.50 per month.
  • Lite Package: Starting at $10.99 per month.
  • Basic Package: Starting at $14.99 per month.
  • Premium Package: Starting at $24.99 per month.

Pros and Cons of FXSVPS


  • Affordable pricing options for Forex VPS plans.
  • Wide range of plans to suit different trading needs, including options for running multiple instances of MT4.
  • User-friendly setup and configuration, making it easy for traders to get started.
  • Utilization of SSD storage for faster performance and data retrieval.
  • Dedicated IP address for secure and convenient remote access.
  • Pre-installed MT4 for hassle-free setup and quick deployment of trading platforms.
  • Availability of unlimited bandwidth for seamless data transfer.


  • Limited information on specific server locations within the mentioned data centers.
  • Lack of detailed information on server hardware specifications.
  • Potential variations in customer support quality and response times.
  • Limited options for non-MT4 trading software compatibility.
  • Availability of certain features and resources may vary depending on the chosen plan.


In conclusion, FXSVPS offers a range of Forex VPS solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of traders. With their affordable pricing options and user-friendly setup, traders can easily access reliable hosting services for their trading platforms. The utilization of SSD storage ensures faster performance, while the inclusion of dedicated IP addresses enhances security and convenience. While some limitations may exist, FXSVPS remains a viable choice for traders looking for cost-effective and efficient Forex VPS solutions. Overall, FXSVPS strives to empower traders with reliable and affordable hosting services to support their trading activities. You might want to take a look at my article on forex brokers with a free VPS for other options.

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