Galaxy PropFirm EA Review

The Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 is a cutting-edge, fully automated trading robot meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the MetaTrader 5 platform. Its primary focus is on implementing a trend-following trading strategy, strategically navigating the H1 timeframe to empower traders to capitalize on market trends, be they ascending or descending. In this extensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of the Galaxy PropFirm EA, exploring its trading strategy, supported currency pairs, risk management protocols, artificial intelligence integration, performance statistics, continuous operation, user interface, and a host of other features that contribute to its overall appeal.

Galaxy PropFirm EA Review
Galaxy PropFirm EA Review

Trading Strategy and Currency Pairs

At the core of the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 is a trading strategy that hinges on the meticulous analysis of market trends. The expert advisor exclusively operates on the H1 timeframe, enabling it to identify and act upon both ascending and descending trends. This deliberate choice of timeframe suggests a strategic approach, aiming for a balanced mix of responsiveness to market fluctuations and robust trend identification.

The selection of eight currency pairs further enhances the trading potential of this EA. The chosen pairs—NZDCAD, EURCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, CADJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY, and GBPNZD—represents a diverse range, allowing for increased exposure and potential profitability. This multi-currency proficiency stands out as a key strength, providing traders with a level of diversification that can be instrumental in mitigating risks.

Risk Management

Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 adopts a principled approach to risk management. To participate in trading, a minimum capital requirement of $200 is imposed, emphasizing the importance of responsible trading practices. The inclusion of stop loss orders serves as a safety net against undue losses, adding an extra layer of protection for traders.

Moreover, the flexibility for users to manually set maximum drawdown limits is a noteworthy feature. This empowers traders to tailor risk management to their preferences, offering a personalized approach that aligns with individual risk tolerance levels.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

One of the standout features of the Galaxy PropFirm EA is its integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Within this EA lies a potent AI module that continually learns and adapts to market conditions. This forward-thinking approach to trading allows the expert advisor to optimize its strategies over time, potentially leading to sustained profitability.

The dynamic nature of the AI module means that the Galaxy PropFirm EA is not static; it evolves with each passing day, learning from market behavior and refining its trading strategies. This adaptability is a key strength, positioning the EA as a tool that can potentially navigate changing market conditions more effectively than static counterparts.

Performance Statistics

The performance statistics of the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 are impressive. The EA boasts a track record wherein approximately 90% of trades fall within the profit zone, while only 10% incur losses. Such a high success rate is commendable, indicating a level of reliability that traders often seek in automated systems. However, it is good to approach such claims of a high success rate with a level of scepticism and keep in mind these are past results so no sign of what will happen in the future.

Furthermore, the ability for users to limit maximum drawdown to a mere 5% through manual settings provides an additional layer of control. This feature is particularly valuable, as it allows traders to manage risk with precision, aligning with their individual risk tolerance and financial objectives. Please feel free to see my best forex robots for some alternative options.

Continuous Operation

The Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 is not bound by time zones; it operates tirelessly, executing trades 24/7 across the Asian, European, American, and Pacific trading sessions. This unceasing dedication to trading activity is a valuable asset, ensuring that trading opportunities are not missed regardless of the time zone. The ability to navigate different market sessions contributes to the potential for returns.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 is designed to enhance the overall trading experience. The EA can be effortlessly installed on a single quote window, streamlining the process for users. Transactions across eight distinct assets can be conducted simultaneously, providing a level of efficiency appreciated by traders engaged in multi-currency trading.

Money management and other settings are easily fine-tuned with just a few clicks, making the EA accessible to both novice and experienced traders. The intuitive interface adds to the appeal of the Galaxy PropFirm EA, positioning it as a tool that is not only powerful but also user-friendly.

Additional Features and Considerations

Beyond the key aspects highlighted above, several other features contribute to the overall appeal of the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5.

Leverage and Capital Requirements

Traders have the flexibility to employ leverage at a ratio of 1:1 or higher. While this provides room for strategic positioning, it’s important to note that the EA imposes a minimum capital requirement of $200. This requirement aligns with a commitment to responsible trading practices, ensuring that traders engage in the market with a minimum level of capital deemed appropriate for the strategy.

Strategy Abstinence from Grid or Martingale Techniques

The Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 deliberately abstains from utilizing grid trading or martingale strategies. This strategic choice reflects a commitment to a principled approach, avoiding high-risk techniques that can lead to significant drawdowns. The emphasis on a more conservative strategy aligns with the goal of fostering sustained profitability and minimizing the inherent risks associated with aggressive trading techniques.

Trend-Oriented Approach

The Galaxy trading robot, having successfully passed FTMO as claimed, exclusively operates in alignment with prevailing market trends. It consistently identifies the dominant market direction and executes new orders accordingly. This deliberate approach substantially diminishes trading risks, as the EA aims to align itself with the overarching market dynamics.

Potential for Limiting Drawdown

In addition to the manual setting of maximum drawdown, users also have the potential to limit drawdown through careful management of leverage and lot sizes. This granular control over risk factors allows traders to customize their risk exposure according to their risk tolerance and overall financial goals.


In conclusion, the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 emerges as a sophisticated and robust trading tool. Its meticulous focus on trend-following strategies, multi-currency proficiency, integration of artificial intelligence, and user-friendly interface contribute to a comprehensive and effective trading experience. The commitment to responsible risk management and continuous operation further solidifies its appeal.

While no trading tool is without risks, the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 positions itself as a viable option for traders seeking an automated solution that combines advanced technology with a principled approach to trading. The performance statistics, coupled with the ability for users to tailor risk management to their preferences, make this EA a noteworthy addition to the arsenal of both novice and experienced traders. As with any trading decision, it’s crucial for users to conduct thorough due diligence, possibly through backtesting, demo trading and continuous monitoring, before incorporating the Galaxy PropFirm EA MT5 into their trading strategy.

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