Gap And Trail EA

The Gap and Trail EA is an automated trading tool that utilizes market gaps and a trailing stop to execute trades. It analyzes market conditions and automatically executes trades based on its analysis. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth review of the Gap and Trail EA. So, let’s dive in and see what the Gap and Trail EA can do!

Gap And Trail EA Strategy

Gap and Trail EA is an automated trading robot that is designed to execute trades using a scalping strategy, which involves opening and closing positions quickly, usually within seconds or minutes. It analyzes the market to identify gaps and opens positions within the direction of the closure of the gap. The robot uses a trailing stop of open positions to reduce trading risks.

Gap And Trail EA
Gap And Trail EA

Gap and Trail EA runs on the MT4 platform and trades major currency pairs such as XAUUSD, GBPUSD, and EURUSD on the H1 timeframe. It uses automatic capital management to adapt transactions for the accumulated volumes and allows reinvestment of the funds received. Gap and Trail EA is worth considering for traders who prefer automated trading with scalping strategies and have a solid understanding of market mechanics.

Gap And Trail EA Activity
Gap And Trail EA Activity

However, the Gap and Trail EA depends on market conditions and does not perform well during periods of low volatility or unpredictable market events. It is not immune to technical glitches and may require maintenance or updates from time to time. While the Gap and Trail EA does not come with a guarantee of success, it is important to conduct thorough backtesting and apply appropriate risk management strategies when using it for trading.

Gap And Trail EA Features

  • Uses price gap to open trades in the direction of the gap closure
  • Utilizes a trailing stop to reduce trading risks
  • Adapts transactions for accumulated volumes with flexible money management
  • Offers protections for trading in adverse conditions
  • Uses a scalping strategy to enter and exit trades quickly.
  • Bilingual support that can be set to English or Russian.
  • Easy-to-use settings and can be customized to suit users’ needs.

Gap And Trail EA Settings

  • Magic number- This is the unique identifier for the EA’s trades. Each EA instance should have a different magic number to ensure that its trades can be distinguished from those of other EAs or manual trades.
  • Language- The language in which the EA will communicate its messages to the user. The options are English or Russian.
  • Trading days- The days on which the EA is allowed to trade. The options are Monday only or all days of the week.
  • Use money management- Whether to use automatic capital management. If set to “Yes,” the EA will automatically adjust the lot size based on the available funds.
  • Magnification factor of the low- The coefficient of linear dependence of the lot on the available funds in money management. This determines the relationship between the account balance and the lot size.
  • Initial lot- The lot size to use when money management is disabled.
  • Size of the gap- The minimum size of the gap required to trigger a trade, in points.
  • Coefficient of the take profit- The share of the gap that is used to set the take profit level. This can be set to any value between 0.2 and 1.0.
  • Stop-loss- The initial stop loss level, in points.
  • To control the spread before opening order- Whether to check the current spread before opening a trade. If set to “Yes,” the EA will only open trades if the current spread is below a certain threshold.
  • Maximum spread- The maximum spread allowed for opening trades. If the current spread is higher than this value, the EA will not open a trade.

Gap And Trail EA Summary

The Gap And Trail EA is a Forex trading robot that utilizes gaps in the market to open positions in the direction of their closure. One of the EA’s strengths is its ability to employ a flexible money management strategy that adapts trades to accumulated volumes.

However, the EA’s weaknesses include longer times to close trades, and floating trades during weekends. The EA is worth considering for experienced traders who are comfortable with the risks involved and have a good understanding of gap trading strategies.

It is recommended to demo test the Gap And Trail EA before trading on a live account and to apply good risk management settings to minimize potential losses.

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