Gecko EA Review

Gecko EA Review
Gecko EA Review

The Gecko EA is an ally in the realm of automated trading. This software operates on a straightforward yet effective strategy, making waves in the trading community for its potential in generating trading opportunities. How does it work, the traders may ask? Well, Gecko keeps a keen eye on recent market movements, pinpointing significant highs and lows. When it detects a breakout opportunity, Gecko springs into action, trying to execute potential trades with precision.

But what truly sets Gecko apart from the rest is its execution. Behind the scenes, this EA tries to employ advanced algorithms for both entry and exit points, ensuring optimal trade management. No stone is left unturned as Gecko tries to navigate the market terrain, utilizing advanced strategies to maximize the generation of potential trades while minimizing risks.

The Gecko EA is built on a foundation of integrity. The EA tries not to trade on risky techniques like martingale, grid, or averaging down here. Instead, Gecko adheres to a “real” trading philosophy, grounded in sound principles and strategies.

Trade Management Techniques

  • Trailing Target Level: The EA dynamically adjusts the trailing target levels using multiple parameters, trying to allow for potential protection while accommodating market fluctuations.
  • Move to Break-even: At a predetermined point, Gecko EA shifts the target level to breakeven, with the option to add extra pips.
  • Trailing target level Based on Recent Highs/Lows: This feature tries to enable the EA to trail the target level based on recent market movements, with the flexibility to run it until breakeven level, providing room for achieving full potential target.

Recommended Settings

  • Currency Pair: While primarily designed for EURUSD due to its potential with breakout strategies, potential opportunities have been observed on other pairs without specific optimization.
  • Broker: Gecko EA performs optimally with IC Markets according to the developer.
  • Timeframe: The EA operates effectively on the H1 (1-hour chart) timeframe.
  • Minimum Account Balance: A minimum account balance of $100 is recommended to try facilitating effective trading.
Gecko EA - Overview
Gecko EA – Overview

Key Features

  • Not a Scalper EA: Avoids risky techniques like grid or martingale, trying to focus on potential trading principles.
  • Transparent Trading: Implements a strict target level mechanism to try ensuring potential trading.
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality: Requires no set files, allowing for seamless integration and operation.
  • Resilient to Spread or Slippage Variations: Maintains comprehensive performance regardless of spread or slippage fluctuations.


  • Individual settings for Magic Number, Trade Comment, and Info Panel activation.
  • Lot size settings based on balance or risk per trade.
  • Maximum allowed spread customization.
  • Virtual Target Level option for added privacy.
  • Entry parameters, including entry models, timing, and strictness.
  • Flexible settings for Target Level, Potential Target, and Trailing Target Level adjustments.

Setup Instructions

  • Run Gecko EA on the EURUSD H1 chart for optimal performance.
  • Enable OneChartSetup for simultaneous operation on multiple pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD).
  • Set Risk to use LotsPerBalance_Step.
  • Adjust LotsPerBalance_Step based on desired risk level (low: 200, medium: 100, aggressive: 50).

Gecko EA is a comprehensive trading solution designed to optimize performance while trying to prioritize risk management. With its advanced features and design, it may tries to offer traders a competitive edge in the dynamic forex market.

Gecko EA Pros & Cons


  • Risk Management: With strict target level measures and customizable risk settings, Gecko EA tries to prioritize potential trading, ensuring a secure trading experience.
  • Versatility: While primarily designed for EURUSD, Gecko EA shows potential trading opportunities on other currency pairs without specific optimization, providing traders with flexibility in their trading choices.
  • No Risky Techniques: Unlike some other EAs, Gecko avoids risky techniques like grid or martingale, trying to focus on potential trading practices.
  • User-Friendly Setup: With plug-and-play functionality and no requirement for set files, setting up and operating Gecko EA is straightforward and hassle-free.


  • Limited Optimization: While Gecko EA performs well without specific optimization on various currency pairs, traders may find limited options for fine-tuning the EA to specific market conditions.
  • Broker and VPS Dependency: Optimal performance of Gecko EA may depend on the chosen broker and forex VPS service, potentially limiting flexibility for traders who prefer different providers.
  • Minimum Account Balance Requirement: A minimum account balance of $100 is recommended for effective trading with Gecko EA, which may be a barrier for traders with smaller capital.
  • Timeframe Dependency: Gecko EA is primarily designed for the H1 timeframe, which may not suit traders who prefer shorter or longer-term trading strategies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Gecko EA tries to stand out as an effective automated trading solution for traders seeking potential in the forex market. With its comprehensive trade management techniques, risk management strategies, and performance, Gecko EA may also tries to offer a competitive edge in navigating dynamic market conditions.

While primarily designed for EURUSD and operating on the H1 timeframe, Gecko EA tries to showcase potential trading opportunities on various currency pairs without the need for specific optimization. Its avoidance of risky techniques like grid or martingale, tries to instill confidence in traders seeking  potential trading experience.

Despite some limitations such as dependency on chosen brokers and VPS services, as well as a minimum account balance requirement, Gecko EA remains a versatile and user-friendly option for traders of all levels.

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