Godzilla EA

Godzilla EA is a trading robot developed for MetaTrader 4 platforms. It was designed as an automated trading strategy that can decide on placing buy-sell orders, SL, and TP on behalf of its users. It includes several parameters available which can change how the EA functions and help you adjust its trading approach or strategy according to your needs.

Once you have configured the robot to begin trading, it will activate and close deals without any user intervention, 24 hours a day. This basket-trading robot has parts of the Martingale and Grid methods but with Stop Loss, Spike Protection, News Tracker, Trend Filter, and other safety measures to minimize drawdowns and maximize profit probabilities.

The settings are adjustable, but you don’t have to learn anything before using the robot because you may use the default settings immediately. You will also have access to additional recommended preset settings files to utilize based on your risk/return tolerance.

This article will discuss all the key features and trading strategies of the Godzilla EA.

Godzilla EA Strategy

Godzilla EA Master works with forex assets but suits best to most of the major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD. The EA prefers range markets for anticipating buy-sell opportunities. It aims to place sell orders from the recent market high and buy from the market low. These levels are also considered key support/resistance levels.

Godzilla EA for MT4
Godzilla EA for MT4

The EA mainly follows the basket trading strategy. It involves buying and selling an asset simultaneously and targeting marginal profits throughout the cash-in and out process.

Godzilla EA Features

  • Supports both 4 and 5-digit brokers.
  • Spread filter system.
  • Equity stop functions.
  • Drawdown protection features.
  • Automatically stops trading after reaching the daily target.
  • Five money management modes.
  • Applies maximum price slippage and spread limits.
  • Suits all timeframes.

Godzilla EA MT4 Settings

  • Magic Number – Unique identification number for Godzilla EA.
  • Slippage – Max slippage limit.
  • Seconds delay between opening initial baskets – Minimum interval for opening initial baskets.
  • Pips delay between opening initial baskets – Difference of pips between primary baskets.
  • Open buy and sell baskets simultaneously – Activate both buy and sell baskets.
  • Initial number of baskets to open – Max initial basket limit.
  • Maximum number of baskets to open – The highest number of baskets allowed to open.
  • Maximum number of orders per chart – Number of trades allowed for each chart.
  • RSI Period – Relative strength index period for the EA.
  • RSI Upper (0 is disabled) – Set the overbought level for RSI.
  • RSI Lower (0 is disabled) – Set the oversold RSI level.
  • Starting lot size for the first level in basket – Initial trading lot for primary basket levels.
  • Multiplier for each level in the basket – Determine how the EA will decide the trading lot size after finishing each basket level.

Godzilla EA Summary

The biggest advantage of using simple trading EA is it doesn’t require prior experience or skills to perform daily trading activities, and there is no exception for Godzilla EA. However, applying the forex EA without minimum trading knowledge may not lead you to success as expected. So, try to study the EA and check its demo performance closely before letting it manage your real money account.

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