Gold Butterfly Scalper PRO

The Gold Butterfly Scalper Pro is an automated trading software designed for the GOLD market. It operates using two trading strategies, namely Trend Following and Counter Trend systems. By implementing these strategies, the software can identify trade setups and execute trades on trader’s behalf.

Gold Butterfly Scalper PRO Strategy

The Gold Butterfly Scalper Pro follows an automated trading strategy that focuses on identifying the main trend in the gold market. The software uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market data and determine the volatility levels. Based on this analysis, the software tries to enter the market with precision, leveraging its predictive capabilities to anticipate the future trend and tries to take advantage of potential trades. This approach tries to react quickly to market changes and adapt to new trading conditions.

Gold Butterfly Scalper PRO Features

  • The Gold Butterfly Scalper Pro requires a minimum account balance of $100, according to the developer.
  • It is optimized to work specifically with XAUUSD, the trading symbol for gold.
  • The software is designed to work best on M15 timeframes, according to the developer.
  • The use of low spread ECN accounts is recommended, as this can help to reduce trading costs.

Gold Butterfly Scalper PRO Settings

  • Lot: lot amount with autolot disabled
  • Autolot: Enable autolot or disable it
  • Risk: risk for autolot calculation
  • Magic Number: id for identify Ea orders
  • Spread Allowed: spread limit, over no trade will be open
  • Enable ma: enable the ma trend filter
  • ma timeframe: timeframe for ma indicator
  • ma periods: periods for ma indicator
  • ma price: price for ma indicator
  • trading days, if true, enable this day for trading orders
  • Take Profit: take profit for orders
  • Stop Loss: stop loss for orders
  • Trade Comment: comment for a trade
  • Enable Buy: Enable Buy Trade
  • Enable Sell: Enable Sell Trade
  • Enable Fixed Trading Hour: if true, change from recommended trading hours to your trading hours
  • Fixed Start Hour: hour for start trading
  • Fixed Start Minute: minute for start
  • Fixed Stop Hour: hour for stop trading
  • Fixed Stop Minute: minute for stop
  • Enable Bars to Close: Close trades after a fixed number of bars
  • Bars to Close: number of bars for close a trade
  • Recovery mode: enable recovery mode, so the Ea try to recovery fast the loss
  • Recovery Factor: lot*this amount for recovery (high risk involves for recovery mode)
  • Enable Trailing Stop: Enable Trailing Stop
  • Start only in Profit: Start only if Stop loss is in Profit
  • Trailing Stop in Point: Trailing Stop in Point
  • Trailing Step in Point: Trailing Step in Point
  • Change Chart Color: Change Chart Color in Scalper Pro Colors
  • Show Panel: Show trading panel of the EA
  • Show Error: Show error messages if something is wrong

Gold Butterfly Scalper PRO Summary

Overall, the Gold Butterfly Scalper Pro uses trading strategies know as Trend Following and Counter Trend systems which tries to identify the main trend in the market and determine volatility levels. Based on this analysis, the software attempts may try to take advantage of potential trades by anticipating future trends. It is important to note that while the Gold Butterfly Scalper Pro has been designed to optimize trading performance, there is no guarantee of success, and traders should always exercise caution when trading in any financial market. Additionally, it is recommended that traders use a demo account to test the software’s performance before trading with real funds.

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