Golden Bulls Gold EA

The Golden Bulls Gold EA is an automated MT4 trading robot specially developed for XAUUSD and EURUSD scalping.

Unlike stocks and bonds, the return on gold completely depends on price appreciation. Additionally, investing in gold may involve additional costs or trading commissions depending on brokers. So, compared to currency and stock trading, Gold traders must be more cautious.

Considering the risks and high price volatilities, the Golden Bulls Gold EA includes a built-in trade signal filter system. This feature allows the EA to avoid weak signals and stick to highly probable trade setups. So, you may experience the EA executing fewer market entries than orthodox scalping robots.

The Golden Bull Gold EA works on M1 (1-minute) timeframe. It automatically triggers the buy-sell orders and determines SL and TP levels based on market volatility, support/resistance, and trend conditions.

This guide explains the Golden Bulls Gold EA features, its trading strategy, and MT4 settings.

Golden Bulls Gold EA Strategy

After you install the Golden Bulls Gold EA in MT4 and activate the “auto-trading” feature of the trading platform, the robot will automatically start looking for buy-sell signals on the chart.

Since you’re applying it to trade Gold in the M1 timeframe, it’s essential to thoroughly check the parameters and settings of the EA before launching it for live trading.

Golden Bulls Gold EA for MT4
Golden Bulls Gold EA for MT4

For beginners, limiting the trading frequency, max price slippage, and spread range can be worth it for a safer start. You’ll have a better idea about the changes you need to make to its parameters if you research its MT4 settings while applying it on demo accounts.

Golden Bulls Gold EA Features

  • 1-minute timeframe scalping EA.
  • Suitable for XAUUSD (Gold) and EURUSD.
  • Supports demo trading.
  • Automatic TP and SL limit placement.
  • Built-in risk control features.
  • Automatically adjusts signal frequency depending on market volatility.
  • Detects strong SR zones.
  • “One trade at a time” mode.
  • Customizable max slippage and spread settings.
  • Sound alerts.

Golden Bulls Gold EA MT4 Settings

  • Max Slippage – Maximum price slippage limit for trade entry and exit.
  • Max Spread – Maximum spread allowed for executing an order.
  • Only One Order – Enable the “one trade at a time” feature.
  • Enable SL Modify – Enables the user to modify the stop-loss limit.
  • Stop Loss – Maximum Sl limit for each trade.
  • Take Profit – Maximum TP level to exit an entry.
  • Volume – Set the default trading volume (lots).
  • Start Date Month – Set the starting month of the EA.
  • Start Date – Specify the starting date.
  • Stop Date Month – Set the month when the EA will stop working.
  • Stop Date – Set the stop date for the EA.
  • Monday Trading – Enable/disable Monday trading.
  • Enable Min Sound – Activate sound alerts on trade executions.
  • Start Trade Time – Set the EA’s starting point of the day.
  • Stop Trade Time – Set the daily stop time of the EA.

Golden Bulls Gold EA Summary

Trading using the Golden Bulls Gold EA involves downloading and installing the EA, opening a trading account, configuring the EA settings, backtesting the EA, starting to trade on a live account, managing your risk, and regularly reviewing and improving your trading strategy. It is quite essential to remember that trading gold involves risk, so managing your risk carefully and using appropriate risk management strategies is crucial.

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