Great Breakthrough EA

The Great Breakthrough EA is an automated trading system that executes trades based on trend. It is optimized to trade multiple currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Great Breakthrough EA’s strategy, features, and settings. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the Great Breakthrough EA and whether it is a good fit for your trading style.

Great Breakthrough EA Strategy

Great Breakthrough EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) that uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze market conditions and identify potential entry and exit points for trades. It executes trades based on its trend trading strategy. This involves identifying and following the direction of a prevailing trend through patterns of price movement in the market.

Great Breakthrough EA
Great Breakthrough EA Activity

The EA can be used to trade multiple currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform and is recommended for the M1 and M15 timeframes, as stated by the developer. It uses a floating take profit to protect the deposit which allows the EA to reduce losses. The EA does not use dangerous methods of money management such as martingale, averaging, or grid trading.

However, one potential weakness is that it relies heavily on past performance to generate trade signals, which will not necessarily be indicative of future market conditions. Another weakness of the Great Breakthrough EA is that it may not be suitable for traders who prefer to trade on longer timeframes. Its trend trading strategy is still risky as the markets can be unpredictable and trend reversals can occur at any time.

It is worth considering for traders who have experience with trading in the Forex market and are comfortable using an EA. The EA is not a guarantee of profits and traders should use good risk management practices when using it. It is recommended to demo test the EA before using it on a live account and only trade what you can afford to lose.

Great Breakthrough EA Features

  • Uses price movement patterns to identify trading opportunities.
  • Accompanies each trade with a stop loss and take profit.
  • Uses limit orders for execution at the best price.
  • Trades pending limit orders, which can result in positive slippage.
  • Does not use dangerous methods of money management like martingale, averaging, and grid.
  • Works on a large number of currency pairs.
  • Recommended for M1 and M15 timeframes.
  • Can be used with brokers with low spreads, such as IC Markets.
  • Allows for customizing settings to adjust trading strategy according to user preferences.

Great Breakthrough EA Settings

  • Suffix: Identifies the currency pair’s ending.
  • Lot: Sets the lot size for each trade.
  • MM (money management): Adjusts the level of risk based on account balance.
  • Amount for which 0.01 lot will be opened: Determines the trade size.
  • Monday market opening (do not trade): Avoids trading during market opening on Mondays.
  • Wednesday (trade on Wednesday – triple swap day): Trades during triple swap day on Wednesdays.
  • Magic number: Assigns a unique identifier for each trade.
  • Comment: Adds a note or description to each trade.
  • Floating take profit: Sets the take profit level that can be adjusted based on market conditions.
  • Stop loss: Sets the maximum loss level for each trade.
  • Limit Order: allows the user to enter a trade at a specific price level.

Great Breakthrough EA Summary

The Great Breakthrough EA is an automated trading system that uses price movement patterns to generate signals for trading multiple currency pairs on the M1 and M15 timeframes. One of its strengths is the use of stop loss and take profit orders, while avoiding risky money management techniques such as martingale or grid.

However, its weakness is its dependence on price movement patterns, which will not always be reliable predictors of future market movements. Also, it can only trade on lower timeframes such as M1 and M15 which are not suitable for long term trading.

The Great Breakthrough EA is worth considering for traders who prefer a hands-off approach to trading and are looking for an automated system that trades multiple currency pairs. It is important to note that there are no guarantees with the Great Breakthrough EA, and proper risk management is essential.

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