Grid Hero EA

Grid Hero is a completely automated EA that employs a revolutionary Grid algorithm (P.A.M.A.) in conjunction with a price action trading signature synergy and an Artificial Instinct Self-Adaptive Processing Unit. Grid Hero was created, tested, and optimized strictly using the “Reversed Sampling” development methodology based on “In-Sample” and “Out-Of-Sample” phases.

This Expert Advisor can be purchased from the MQL marketplace whilst there is a free demo version also available to give it a try before making any commitment. In this article, I will be taking a look at how the Grid Hero EA works. Hopefully, that will help you to decide if this is a trading robot that you would consider using on your trading account.

Scalping with Grid Hero EA

Fast-In-Fast-Out (FIFO) scalping is a trading strategy that involves quickly entering and exiting trades in order to profit from small price movements in the market. The goal is to enter and exit a trade as quickly as possible in order to minimize exposure to market risk and maximize profits.

The FIFO scalping technique involves using technical analysis to identify short-term price trends, and then using this information to make quick trading decisions. Once a potential trade is identified, the trader will enter a position with a predefined profit target and stop loss. The profit target is typically set at a level that attempts to make a quick profit, while the stop loss is used to limit losses if the trade moves against the trader. However, the Grid Hero EA saves the traders the stress of doing the bulk work of technical analysis and trades execution.

Grid Hero EA
Grid Hero EA

Grid Hero EA Features

  • Built-in Fast-In-Fast-Out scalping method.
  • Trend detection over various time frames is built in.
  • The time filter, volatility filter, and spread filter are all built-in.
  • Price Action Troopers Modules are pre-installed.
  • Self-Adaptive Artificial Instinct Processing Unit built in.
  • Integrated news filter and a news display panel.

Grid Hero EA Parameters

  • Start Lot Size: Initial lot size
  • Lot Size Plus: Lot size plus value
  • Max Lot Size: Maximum allowed lot size
  • Enable Auto Lot Sizing On Fixed Funds: Cap auto lot to fixed funds amount
  • Allocate Fixed Funds Amount For Auto Lot: Set funds amount for auto lot (min: 3000)
  • Enable Auto Lot Sizing: For Start Lot Size, Lot Size Plus, & Max Grid Lot Size
  • Balance Amount Per Lot Size Step: Balance amount for each lot size step if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Lot Size Step: Lot size step value if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Lot Size Max Limit: Max limit of lot size if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Max Trades: Max number of trades
  • Max Slippage (in points): Max amount of slippage
  • Magic Number: Magic number
  • Trade Comment: Trade comment
  • Enable FIFO: Enable FIFO mode (for FIFO broker)
  • Grid Step: Minimum grid step distance
  • First Order Pips Profit: Pips to take profit for first order
  • Grid Basket Min Pips Profit: Minimum pips to take profit for grid basket
  • Enable Profit Spike Close Feature: Close basket on profit spike
  • Enter Profit Spike Amount (in % of balance): Profit spike amount in % of balance
  • Enable Single Grid Cycle: Single grid cycle mode
  • Enable Quick Profit Mode All Time: Minimum profit mode at all time
  • Close All Trades and Stop Trading: Immediately close all trades and stop trading
  • Enable Retry Grid Order Check: Retry open grid order after 5 mins if unsuccessful
  • Enable Close Grid Order Check: Retry close grid order if unsuccessful
  • Display [Close All Opened Orders] Button: Display [Close All Open Orders] button on chart
  • Enable Time Filter For First Order Entry: Time filter for first order entry
  • Select Trading Time Filter Mode: 2 different modes of time filter
  • Broker’s Winter GMT Offset: Only applicable to Built In Optimized Trading Time mode
  • User Defined Trading Start Time (Your Broker’s Server Time): Only applicable to User Defined Trading Time mode
  • User Defined Trading End Time (Your Broker’s Server Time): Only applicable to User Defined Trading Time mode
  • Enable Volatility Filter For First Order Entry: Volatility filter first order entry
  • Enable Price Action Troopers: Price Action Troopers modules for first order entry
  • Enable Artificial Instinct Processor & Modules: Artificial Instinct Processor Unit & Modules
  • Enable Delayed Monday Start: Enable delayed Monday start
  • Enable Early Friday Close: Enable early Friday close
  • Trade On Sunday~Saturday: Enable trading on individual day of week
  • Enable Spread Filter: Enable Spread Filter
  • Max Spread (in points): Max spread for the spread filter
  • Enable Balance Protection: Enable balance protection & features
  • Enable Push Notification: Enable push notifications
  • Enabled News Filter: Enable the News
  • Enable Display Panel: Enable Display Panel


It’s worth noting that scalping can be a high-risk strategy, and may not be found interesting by all traders. Traders may want to be aware of the potential costs associated with frequent trading, such as commissions and slippage, before deciding whether to purchase the Grid Hero EA if they happen to be satisfied with it.

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