HaasOnline Review

In this post I will be reviewing the HaasOnline service which contains a suite of tools to create and use automated bitcoin and crypto trading robots. This is one of the most well-known and innovative crypto trading solutions that can be used by traders of all experience levels and implemented with over 20+ crypto exchanges. In this HaasOnline review, I will be taking a look at what it is and how it works. This should help you to decide if it is something that you would find useful incorporating within your trading strategy to help you reach your own individual goals. Read on to find out more.

HaasOnline Trade Server

Using the speed and power of the HaasOnline Trade Server, users can rapidly develop, backtest, and deploy high frequency crypto trade bots across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges.

HaasOnline Review - Dashboard
HaasOnline Review – Dashboard

Some of the core features of the HaasOnline Trade Server include:

Advanced Trading

Leverage advanced functionality such as synthetic order types, bot extensions, market scanner, portfolio management, and much more.

Complete Privacy

Stay out of the Cloud with HaasOnline Trade Server. Your trade data and API keys are stored on your secure hardware, safe from third-party tracking.

No Fees or Restrictions

The provided licenses support all of the integrated exchanges, have no restrictions on trade volume, and they state that they never take percentages of profitable trades.

Reduce Emotions

When you spend more time refining your trading methodology, you’re less likely to react emotionally under stressful trading events.

Improve Efficiency

You could potentially save hundreds of hours over the lifetime of your trading when you replicate and automate manual trading.

Tame Volatility

Add additional layers of risk management to help protect your positions or take advantage of volatility with algorithms made for specific market conditions.


There is a collection of legacy trade and custom crypto bots that are available in a wide range of pre-built templates that can help you quickly begin trading using your preferred strategy on the HaasOnline trade platform. You can browse the selection of HaasBots and read about the trading strategies that they implement to see if any would be of interest to you.

HaasOnline Review - HaasBots
HaasOnline Review – HaasBots

Features of the various HaasBots include:

Minimal Configuration

Use the pre-built HaasBots with specified algorithms and let them trade around your schedule, 24 hours, day or night.

Reduce Human Error

Users can choose to let their algos trade without letting emotions get in the way of realising profits or stopping losses.


The robust backtesting engines allow you to refine algorithms with historical data and establish the best combination of parameters to buy or sell.

Paper Trading

Use live market movements to further refine your algos with simulated paper trading and without risking your capital.

Advanced Notifications & Reporting

Stay current with your trading activity by integrating directly with Telegram or Discord. See live updates on profits, losses and other valuable trade metrics.

Developer Ready

Use custom scripted bots, which can be developed in HaasScript or C#. The HaasOnline framework allows developers to fully customize trade bots to execute precise strategies.


HaasScript revolutionizes how the world creates crypto trading strategies. You can use the drag-and-drop designer to create complex crypto trading algorithms without coding, or use the intelligent text-based IDE to carefully craft your algorithm logic. There is a community where you can learn from others and share HaasScript examples. HaasScript runs exclusively on HaasOnline.

HaasOnline Review - HaasScript
HaasOnline Review – HaasScript

Minimal Coding

Develop automated trading algorithms and HaasScripts using smart text-based editor or use the intuitive drag-and-drop visual designer.

You’re in Control

Use HaasScript’s built-in functions to handle the heavy work while you focus on the overall strategy, or you might prefer to have complete control.

Execute like a Pro

Trade with several positions from a single HaasScript. Develop creative strategies, such as market making with multiple entry and exit positions.

Take it Easy

HaasScript makes it easy to protect your crypto assets by lowering risk with specially-crafted safeties, insurances, and technical indicators.

Calculations & Signals

Extrapolate raw data from low-level indicators like RSI, SMA, and MACD or use our plug-and-play easy indicators for minimal configuration.

Library of 600+ Commands

Choose functions from a growing library of over 600 commands that enable calculations, chart plotting, signal handling, position management, and more.

HaasOnline Visual Editor

The visual editor combined with HaasScript allows you to rapidly create, back test, and deploy scripts across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. You can produce executable strategies by piecing together intuitive building blocks that convert to well-tested code. Design complex trading strategies with the 500+ visual blocks, which include mathematical, charting, price data, trade actions, and much more.

HaasOnline Review - Visual Editor
HaasOnline Review – Visual Editor

HaasOnline supports over 20+ crypto exchanges where you can deploy your HaasBots with confidence. Quickly and efficiently launch your visually designed scripts, edit and modify logic, update user-defined variables and monitor trade activity. The products are integrated with dozens of crypto exchanges leveraging the newest API available.


Design your own crypto algorithms with the Visual Editor, which leverages the latest generation of HaasScript.


Develop and thoroughly test your script’s performance with historical market data without coding.


Rapidly design and deploy scripts on top crypto exchanges with exceptional speed and efficiency.


Rely on the HaasOnline global infrastructure with failover and disaster recovery for historical price data.


Build your own, leverage the pre-built solutions, or browse the marketplace for third-party solutions.


Manage your platform from anywhere with your desktop, laptop or tablet when using remote access.

Crypto Trade Automation

HaasScript gives you the power to reliably create technical indicators, automated trade strategies, safeties, insurances, and much more.

  • Advanced Arbitrage Trading
  • Advanced Backtesting & Live Simulation
  • Spot, Margin & Leverage Trading
  • Managed & Unmanaged Trade Functionality
  • Open Source Crypto Trade Bots
  • Community Library of Scripts
  • Embedded Library Support
  • Generate & Analyze Signals
  • Complete Privacy & No Withdrawal Capabilities
  • Multi-Interval Historical Price Fetching
  • Custom Charting Functionality
  • Over 600+ Advanced Commands

HaasBot Back Testing

Once you have designed a HaasScript, you can thoroughly test your scripts with historical market data using the robust back testing engine with high-quality historical data which enables you to go deeper with the Visual Editor’s compile and detailed debug reports. You can also test how trading algorithms react in real-time to market movements with simulated trading.

HaasOnline Review - Back Testing
HaasOnline Review – Back Testing

Choose between close price or order book-based price methods while optimizing your automated trading strategies. Monitor in real-time how your crypto trading bots are performing, risk-free, with paper trading. Simulated paper trading helps traders master our automated trading platform and is available for the majority of integrated exchanges

HaasOnline Cloud

Get the power of HaasOnline’s flagship product without the technical complexity of managing your own instance and enjoy the ease of cloud management. You will be up and running in minutes with 99.9% uptime on their secure enterprise infrastructure.

HaasOnline Summary

HaasOnline is a very sophisticated and powerful crypto trading software solution. Yet, it is also very user friendly without requiring any specific coding skills. This allows crypto traders of all experience levels to create their own customised crypt trading robots or to take advantage of pre-built crypto robots.

I would put this cryptocurrency robot up there with some other popular automated crypto trading platforms such as Quadency, Coinrule, Shrimpy, Zignaly, CryptoHero, Mudrex, Centobot, 3Commas, Trality, Bitsgap, Cornix, ProfitTrailer, Gunbot, Cryptohopper, Trade Santa, Stoic and Pionex.

Whilst there will be some learning curve when getting started, the HaasOnline website has a good selection of educational resources including guides and tutorial videos. They have also partnered with over 20+ crypto exchanges, giving ample choice of where to implement your HaasBots. Click the link below to visit the innovative HaasOnline crypto trading website for more info!


From $200








  • Various cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple crypto exchanges
  • Crypto robots
  • Visual editor
  • Back testing function
  • Paper trading
  • Powerful software


  • Steep learning curve
  • Quite complex to setup
  • Requires some user initiative
  • Not very user-friendly
  • No wallet or DEX trading supported
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