Halgo RTM EA

HAlgo RTM EA MT4 is an automated expert advisor that applies the “Reversion to the Mean” (RTM) principle to trade in the financial markets. The HAlgo RTM EA MT4 leverages this principle to identify trading opportunities and execute trades automatically without human intervention. This expert advisor uses advanced algorithms to analyze market data and identify patterns that signal potential price reversals.

Halgo RTM EA Strategy

The HAlgo RTM EA utilizes the Reversion to the Mean (RTM) principle. RTM is a statistical concept that suggests that prices tend to fluctuate around their average value, and when they deviate too far from it, they are likely to revert back to the mean.

In practice, this means that when a particular asset’s price reaches an extreme level, either above or below its average, there is a chance that it will reverse back towards its average. The HAlgo RTM EA is designed to identify these price reversals and execute trades based on them automatically.

The strategy works by analyzing the historical price data of an asset and calculating its mean value. It then monitors the price of the asset in real-time and identifies when it deviates too far from its mean. When this happens, the HAlgo RTM EA will open a trade in the opposite direction of the price movement.

Halgo RTM EA Features

  • The HAlgo RTM EA is an AI-based expert advisor that operates based on the Reversion to the Mean (RTM) principle.
  • It does not utilize the grid or martingale strategies, which are considered riskier approaches, according to the developer.
  • The EA includes a Stoploss feature for each trade, which helps to limit potential drawdowns.
  • Although the HAlgo RTM EA can trade on various symbols, it is pre-set to trade on symbols as default, as recommended by the developer.
  • The EA typically executes between 3 to 10 trades per week, depending on market conditions.
  • To get the results, the developer recommends to have a deposit of at least 200 GBP for the recommended pairs.

Halgo RTM EA Settings

  • Risk % Per Trade(0:off)                                                    1.0
  • Risk Type                                                                         Balance
  • Fix lot(only works if Risk is 0)                                        0.01
  • Close all at Equity DrawDown(%)                                 true
  • Equity DrawDown(%)                                                      45.0
  • Custom Symbol Prefix
  • Custom Symbol Suffix
  • Symbols To Trade                     USDCAD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, CADCHF, EURGBP
  • Trend strength value                                                       10.0
  • Trend sensitivity value                                                    21.0
  • Start Hour Of Trading (0 To Disable)                              0
  • Start Minute Of Trading                                                    0
  • End Hour Of Trading (0 To Disable)                                0
  • End Minute Of Trading                                                      0
  • Slightly change TP & SL(for prop firms)                      false
  • Close all orders on Friday                                              false
  • Hour to close on Friday                                                    16
  • Trailing pips (0 To Disable)                                                0
  • Trailing Start pips                                                               20
  • Turn on Breakeven                                                          false
  • Breakeven start distance                                                100
  • Breakeven extra pips for profit                                        0
  • Remove TP when trailing starts                                   false
  • Maximum Allowed Spread                                           100.0
  • Maximum Open Positions                                               10
  • (Safety)At any point, just one
  • trader may trade a symbol.                                            Off
  • Custom Magic Number                                                  6654
  • Custom Comment                                                             HA
  • Enable News Filter?                                                         false
  • Not Trading hours before News                                      1
  • Not Trading hours after News                                         1

Halgo RTM EA Summary

Overall, the HAlgo RTM EA analyzes market trends and patterns, which can identify that the prices are overextended and likely to revert back to their average value. It can then place trades automatically based on the user’s preferred settings.

However, the HAlgo RTM EA offers a unique and an approach to trading, based on statistical analysis and market trends. Lastly, as with any trading system, it is important to exercise caution and thoroughly test the EA on a demo account before using it with real money.

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