How to Add Templates in MT4

Metatrader 4 is a popular trading platform used by forex traders all around the world. One of the platform’s most useful features is the ability to customize trading charts and indicators to suit individual preferences. This is where templates come in. A template is a pre-configured chart setup that includes different technical indicators and other settings. In this article, we will discuss how to add a template to MT4, the benefits of using a template, and tips for successful template management.

What is a template in MT4?

A template in MT4 is a preset configuration of chart settings, including technical indicators and chart properties. Traders can use templates to customize their charts and save time on chart analysis. There are various types of templates available in MT4, including default templates, custom templates, and chart profiles. Default templates are pre-installed on the platform and provide a basic chart setup, while custom templates allow traders to create and save their own chart setups. Chart profiles allow traders to save multiple chart setups for different markets or trading strategies.

The benefits of using a template include saving time on chart analysis, eliminating the need to manually adjust chart settings each time, and maintaining consistency in chart analysis.

How to Add a Template in MT4

Adding a template in MT4 is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps:

  • Open a chart in MT4.
  • Customize the chart settings and technical indicators as required.
  • Right-click on the chart and select “Template” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Save Template” and give the template a name.
  • To load a saved template, right-click on the chart and select “Template” from the drop-down menu, then choose the saved template.

Traders can also customize the default template settings by selecting “Charts” from the main menu and choosing “Properties.” From here, traders can change the default chart settings and save the changes as a new template.

Common Problems and Solutions

The process of adding a template to MT4 is generally straightforward, but sometimes issues may arise. Here are some common problems that traders may encounter when adding a template in MT4 and their solutions:

The template is not showing up in the MT4 platform.
Solution: This problem may occur if the template file is saved in the wrong location or with the wrong file extension. Make sure the template file is saved in the “templates” folder within the MT4 directory and has the “.tpl” file extension.

The template is showing up, but the charts are not properly formatted.
Solution: This issue can be resolved by adjusting the chart settings of the template. Traders should check the “properties” of each chart to ensure that the settings are correct. If necessary, the trader can customize the settings to match their preferences.

The template is not working as expected.
Solution: This problem may arise if the template was created for a different version of MT4 or if it is not compatible with the trader’s trading strategy. Traders should make sure they are using the correct version of MT4 and that the template is designed for their preferred trading strategy.

The template is causing the MT4 platform to crash or freeze.
Solution: This issue can be resolved by removing the template from the platform and then reinstalling it. Traders should also make sure that their computer meets the minimum system requirements for running MT4.

By following these solutions, traders can quickly troubleshoot and fix common problems encountered when adding templates in MT4.


In conclusion, adding a template to MT4 can significantly improve your trading experience by saving time and providing a customized and efficient trading platform. By following the step-by-step guide and tips outlined in this article, you can easily add, customize, save, and load templates in MT4. Additionally, it is important to organize and update your templates regularly to ensure they reflect your current trading strategy. Don’t hesitate to explore the different types of templates available and experiment with customization options to find what works best for you. Overall, using templates in MT4 can enhance your trading efficiency and performance.

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