How To Get TradingView Premium For Free

TradingView is a widely popular platform among traders and investors for its advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and a thriving community. While TradingView offers various subscription plans, some users may seek ways to access TradingView Premium features for free. In this article, we will explore different methods and strategies that might help you gain access to TradingView Premium without paying.

How To Get TradingView Premium For Free
How To Get TradingView Premium For Free

Extended Trial Periods

TradingView provides a free trial period for its premium plans. However, if you’re looking to extend the TradingView trial duration, you can try the following steps:

a. Create Multiple Accounts: By creating new accounts with different email addresses, you can enjoy multiple trial periods.

b. Invite-Only Trial Extensions: Sometimes, TradingView may offer trial extensions to users who receive an invitation from existing premium members. Engage with the TradingView community, participate in discussions, and build connections to increase your chances of receiving an invitation.

Collaborate with Educational Institutions or Brokers

TradingView partners with various educational institutions and brokers, offering extended premium access to their students or clients. If you are affiliated with a recognized educational institution or trading brokerage, you may inquire about any available partnerships with TradingView that could grant you free access to premium features.

TradingView Public Library

The TradingView Public Library is a community-driven resource where users can create and share custom TradingView indicators, strategies, and other tools. While the majority of the content is available for free, some creators offer their premium tools for free or at a reduced price. By exploring the Public Library, you may discover premium features or indicators that suit your trading needs without incurring additional costs.

Take Advantage of Free Features

TradingView offers a range of features and tools even in their free version. Familiarize yourself with these features, such as multiple chart layouts, drawing tools, and basic technical analysis indicators. Utilizing these free features effectively can enhance your trading experience without requiring a premium subscription.

Join Trading Communities

TradingView has a thriving community of traders who actively share their knowledge, insights, and trading ideas. By participating in these communities, you can learn from experienced traders and potentially gain access to premium features. Engaging with fellow traders, contributing valuable content, and building relationships may open doors to shared premium accounts or exclusive promotions.

Limited-Time Promotions

Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions offered by TradingView. They occasionally provide discounts or trial extensions during special events or holidays. Stay connected with TradingView through their official blog, social media channels, or newsletters to be informed about any promotional offers.

Third-Party Websites

While caution is advised when using third-party websites, some platforms may claim to provide TradingView Premium features for free. However, these websites may have unreliable or potentially malicious content, so proceed with caution and be mindful of any risks involved. It’s recommended to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of such websites before providing personal information or downloading any files.


Obtaining TradingView Premium for free requires resourcefulness, patience, and a bit of luck. By leveraging extended trial periods, collaborating with educational institutions or brokers, exploring the TradingView Public Library, utilizing free features effectively, joining trading communities, staying informed about promotions, and exercising caution when using third-party websites, you may increase your chances of accessing TradingView Premium without paying. Remember to respect the platform’s terms of service and consider supporting TradingView by subscribing to a premium plan if you find their services valuable in your trading journey.

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