Hunter Scalper EA

Hunter Forex Scalping Bot is an automated trading expert advisor that has been developed to scalp the forex market during times of low volatility. The robot is programmed to identify buy and sell scalping trades in sideways moving markets. Its algorithm enables it to execute trades automatically. The mind behind this forex robot is Feng Zhu, a trader based in Chengdu, China.

Hunter Scalper EA Strategy

The strategy employed by the Hunter Scalping robot is based on an advanced algorithm that enables it to identify optimal entry points in the forex market. This algorithm is further enhanced with additional filters that help to improve the accuracy of its market entry and exit signals. These filters are designed to analyze various market conditions, such as trend direction, momentum, and volatility, to try and ensure that the robot is only executing trades under favorable conditions.

Hunter Scalper EA Features

  • The robot can operate on a minimum account balance of $100, according to the developer and making it accessible to a wide range of traders with different budget sizes.
  • The Hunter Scalper EA is optimized to work on several currency pairs, including EURUSD, EURAUD, EURCHF, and USDCHF. However, it can also work on any other forex pair.
  • The robot is designed to work best on 15-minute time frames, which is a suitable time frame for scalping strategies that tries to take advantage of short-term market movements.
  • The Hunter Scalper EA is fully automated, enabling traders to execute trades without human intervention.
  • The Hunter Scalper EA comes with customizable settings, allowing traders to adjust the robot’s parameters to suit their individual trading preferences and risk tolerance levels.

Hunter Scalper EA Settings

  • MaxSpread                                                                          4.0
  • MaxSlippage                                                                       1.0
  • TradingSettings                                    The following time is platform time
  • HourStart                                                                             23
  • HourEnd                                                                                1
  • Lots                                                                                      0.01
  • UseRisk                                                                               true
  • MaxRisk                                                                               2.0
  • StopLoss                                                                               30
  • TakeProfit                                                                            10

Hunter Scalper EA Summary

Overall, the Hunter Forex Scalping Bot is an advanced automated trading expert advisor developed by Feng Zhu, a trader based in Chengdu, China, the robot is programmed to identify buy and sell scalping trades in sideways moving markets. Its algorithm enables it to execute trades automatically, providing traders with a way to take advantage of market movements.

However, it is recommended that traders use a demo account to test the robot’s performance before using it with real money. This will help them to get a feel for how the robot works and determine whether it is suitable for their trading goals. Additionally, traders should carefully consider the robot’s customizable settings and adjust them to their preferred parameters.