i-Candle Code Trend Follower Review

In this post I will be reviewing the i-Candle Code Trend Follower. This is a technical analysis trading indicator for MetaTrader 4 that can help to identify the trends from the 15 minute to daily time frames and display a dot on the chart of the current time frame when the trend on each time frame agrees. This is a useful tool that will allow you to focus on the current time frame chart that you are trading whilst analysing the higher time frame charts for you and alerting you when there is a possible trend.

i-Candle Code Trend Follower

The i-Candle Code Trend Follower is simple to use with clear entry/exit signals – a blue dot means the trend is up so buy and a red dot means the trend is down so sell. It is suitable for beginners and a great additional indicator for the more advanced trader. It includes plenty of screenshots and videos explaining how it works with numerous examples.

i-Candle Code Trend Follower Review
i-Candle Code Trend Follower Review

i-Candle Code Trend Follower Summary

The i-Candle Code Trend Follower can help to spot the start of forming trends so it gives you a chance to check for possible entries into a big move from the very beginning. Such trades can lead to a good risk to reward ratio. It even gives potential areas for placing the stop loss which is usually above the high or below the low of where the trend began forming. You can choose to take the signals as they are or to use your own additional analysis for confirmation.

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