IceFX Newsinfo

Keeping up with economic news is crucial for forex traders looking to make informed trading decisions. In the fast-paced world of currency markets, having timely access to relevant news can make all the difference. That’s where IceFX NewsInfo steps in, offering a comprehensive news indicator right on your trading charts. With its range of features and integration into the popular Metatrader4 platform, this tool provides traders with a convenient way to stay updated without the hassle of switching between applications or websites. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of IceFX NewsInfo and discover how this powerful indicator can help you stay ahead of the news.

What is the IceFX Newsinfo?

IceFX Newsinfo
IceFX Newsinfo

IceFX NewsInfo is a feature-rich news indicator designed to provide forex traders with convenient access to economic news directly on their trading charts. It offers a range of functionalities to streamline the trading process and eliminate the need for separate applications or websites for news tracking. With integration into the Metatrader4 platform, this indicator aims to enhance traders’ ability to stay informed and make well-informed trading decisions.

Features of IceFX NewsInfo Indicator

  1. Real-time Economic News Display: 

IceFX NewsInfo provides a seamless integration of economic news directly on the trading chart. Traders no longer need to switch between platforms or websites to stay updated. All the relevant news and economic events are conveniently displayed within the indicator, ensuring traders have quick and easy access to the information they need.

  1. Advisor Trading Suspension: 

With IceFX NewsInfo, traders can automate the suspension of Expert Advisors (EAs) during news releases. This feature is invaluable during periods of high market volatility, as it helps prevent EAs from executing trades that may be impacted by sudden market movements. By temporarily halting EA trading, traders can avoid potential losses and better manage their risk exposure.

  1. News Release Notifications:

The indicator offers customizable notifications that can be sent a few minutes before the release of important news events. This feature enables traders to stay prepared and make timely trading decisions. By receiving advance notifications, traders have the opportunity to adjust their positions, set appropriate stop-loss or take-profit levels, or even temporarily exit the market until the news impact subsides.

  1. Expert Advisor Shutdown Warning Message Window:

IceFX NewsInfo includes a warning message window that alerts traders when Expert Advisors (EAs) should be temporarily disabled during news releases. This feature ensures that traders are aware of impending news events and can take appropriate action to prevent automated trading during volatile periods.

  1. GMT Time Display: 

IceFX NewsInfo incorporates a GMT Time display directly on the trading chart. This feature allows traders to easily determine the time difference between their broker’s time and GMT. Understanding this time differential is crucial for accurate trade timing, especially when configuring EAs that require synchronization with specific market hours.

  1. Trade Session Indication:

The indicator includes a visual representation of global trade sessions on a map. This feature provides traders with a clear overview of active trading sessions worldwide. By knowing which sessions are currently open, traders can gauge market liquidity and potential trading opportunities associated with specific trading hours.

  1. Timelines on the Chart: 

IceFX NewsInfo integrates timelines directly onto the trading chart, indicating the exact dates based on the broker’s time. This feature enables traders to track news events and their subsequent impact on the market with precision. By aligning news releases with specific chart timeframes, traders can better analyze price movements and make informed trading decisions based on the news-driven market reactions.

IceFX Newsinfo Settings

  • DataProvider – Specifies the data provider for news information
  • Symbols – Defines the symbols for which news events will be displayed
  • MinimumImpact – Sets the minimum impact level of news events to be shown
  • ShowOldNewsCount – Determines the number of previous news events to display
  • Show Prev Forecast – Enables the display of previous forecast values
  • ShowCountryName – Shows the country name associated with the news event
  • ShowActualValue – Displays the actual value of the news event
  • AutoGMT – Automatically adjusts the GMT offset
  • GMTOffset – Specifies the manual GMT offset
  • ShowTimesInLocalTime – Displays news times in local time
  • LocalGMTOffset – Sets the local GMT offset
  • NewsBeforeMin – Sets the time range to show news before its release
  • NewsAfterMin – Sets the time range to show news after its release
  • C0_4 – Custom color for certain visual elements
  • DisableExpertAdvisors – Disables Expert Advisors during news releases
  • DEA NewsBeforeMin – Sets the time range to disable EAs before news release
  • DEA NewsAfterMin – Sets the time range to disable EAs after news release
  • DEA MinimumImpact – Sets the minimum impact level of news events to disable EAs
  • DEA NoOrders – Disables opening new orders by EAs
  • DEA OrdersOnAttachedSymbol – Disables orders on the attached symbol
  • DEA OrdersMagicNumber – Sets the magic number for EA orders
  • DEA_FilterText – Filters news events based on text
  • DEA NoAlert – Disables alerts for EAs
  • C0_5 – Custom color for certain visual elements
  • SendNotifyBeforeNews – Enables notification before news events
  • Notify_NewsBeforeMin – Sets the time range to send notification before news release
  • NotifyMinimumImpact – Sets the minimum impact level of news events to send notification
  • NotifyMessage – Custom message for notifications
  • ShowTimeLines – Displays timelines on the chart
  • ShowNewsBox – Shows the news viewer window
  • ShowMarketOpens – Displays market opening times

IceFX Newsinfo Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive news coverage for multiple currency pairs.
  • User-friendly interface with a consolidated News Viewer Window.
  • Integration with Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading.
  • Visual representation of global trade sessions on a map.
  • Customizable settings to tailor the indicator to individual preferences.
  • Accurate timing and alignment with GMT and broker time.
  • Timelines on the chart for visualizing news event impact.
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Enhances informed decision-making during news events.


  • Reliance on the accuracy of news data.
  • Possibility of false signals or misleading information.
  • Dependency on external factors like internet connectivity.
  • Learning curve for novice traders.
  • Limitations in customization options.
  • Risk of overreliance on news events.
  • Performance and update variability.
  • Compatibility constraints with other trading platforms.


In conclusion, IceFX NewsInfo serves as a valuable tool for traders seeking to stay informed about economic news impacting the markets. Its comprehensive coverage, user-friendly interface, and integration with Expert Advisors offer convenience and flexibility. However, traders should exercise caution regarding the accuracy of news data and the potential for false signals. Additionally, being mindful of the indicator’s dependencies, learning curve, and limitations is crucial. By leveraging IceFX NewsInfo alongside other market analysis tools, traders can enhance their decision-making process and adapt their strategies to capitalize on news-driven opportunities. It is important to thoroughly evaluate the indicator and consider its suitability within an overall trading approach.

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