iExposure Indicator

One of the most crucial pieces of information that traders should always be aware of is their trading exposure. This tells them how much of their trade account is vulnerable to losses or likely gains. The iExposure Indicator is a tool designed to make it easier for traders to view this information. The iExposure Indicator has an algorithm that retrieves data from the broker’s price feed as well as information from the account trading terminal. This is the same information that appears on the Terminal window’s Trade tab.

What is the iExposure Indicator?

The iExposure Indicator is a trading tool that displays a trader’s overall trading exposure on his trading account. It launches an indicator window in which the indicator displays information about the trader’s current trades. It displays the symbols or currency pairs traded, the number of transactions for each currency pair or symbol, the number of lots purchased and sold, the entry price for buy trades, the entry price for sell trades, the net number of lots traded, and the profit for each currency pair traded.

Setting up the iExposure Indicator
Setting up the iExposure Indicator

How does the iExposure Indicator work?

The iExposure Strategy displays all of the deals made by the trader and summaries them by currency pair or symbol. This enables traders to see all of their trades at a look rather than needing to tally their trades per currency pair. The iExposure Indicator can be a valuable tool for traders who use advanced trade management tactics in addition to the standard placement of a fixed stop loss and take profit.

It can be used for hedging, cost averaging, martingales, and reverse martingales. It can also be utilized for proactive money management tactics, such as scaling in and scaling out of numerous positions, which are used by many seasoned traders. In a situation where the asset being traded has two deals, both of which are sell orders, this is a typical scenario for tactics such as scaling in a trade to develop a larger position as the trade profits or cost averaging the losses in the expectation that the price will reverse back up.

Unlike many other technical indicators, the iExposure Indicator does not give any BUY signals. The indicator wasn’t designed as a tool for analysing the market in order to inform buying and selling decisions.

iExposure Pros & Cons


  • The iExposure Indicator is useful for monitoring multiple trades simultaneously.
  • This indicator can be used for hedging and other complex trade management strategies


  • The iExposure indicator is a trade exposure indicator that displays the trade exposure of open positions rather than a technical trading tool for market analysis.
  • At first look, this indicator appears to be meaningless because the same information is already displayed on the MT4 interface.


The iExposure Indicator is a technical tool whose purpose is to alter the gathered history data. iExposure Indicator enables the detection of many peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics that are undetectable to the naked eye. Traders can assume additional price movement and could choose to modify their approach based on this information. At first look, this indicator appears to be meaningless because the same information is already displayed on the MT4 interface. However, for traders who use advanced trade management techniques such as those discussed above, it can still be a beneficial tool.

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