The IS Red Scalper EA is an automated trading tool that has been developed for those traders who are interested in scalping the Gold market using Metatrader 4. The IS Red Scalper EA is equipped with a trading algorithm that has been optimized to identify probability trade setups and execute trades, accordingly. The IS Red Scalper EA utilizes some useful indicators to analyze the market and identify trades to be executed.

IS Red EA Strategy

The strategy employed by the IS Red Scalper EA is designed to generate multiple trades throughout the day by utilizing the 1-minute chart. The EA’s algorithm analyzes price action and market trends to identify potential scalping trades, and executes them with precision and speed. With its trading frequency, the IS Red Scalper EA tries to generate trades by taking advantage of even the smallest market movements. This strategy is particularly designed for the Gold market, which is known for its volatile price action and rapid price fluctuations.

IS Red EA Features

  • Minimum account balance requirement of $100, according to the developer.
  • Performs well with XAUUSD and EURUSD pairs, but can be used with any pair.
  • Default settings are for M1 and M5 timeframes.

IS Red EA Settings

  • mm                                                                                                          true
  • risk                                                                                                           1
  • default_lot                                                                                             0.01
  • MaxSpread                                                                                            30.0
  • Loto                                                                                                        0.1
  • LotM                                                                                                       10.0
  • StopLoss                                                                                                 20.0
  • TakeProfit                                                                                              80.0
  • MinimumUseStopLevel                                                                       10.0
  • Volatility Settings                                                                                 23
  • UseDynamicVolatilityLimit                                                                 true
  • VolatilityMultiplier                                                                               125.0
  • Volatility Limit                                                                                      180.0
  • UseVolatilityPercentage                                                                     true
  • ECN_Mode                                                                                            true
  • TradingSettings                                                                                     0012
  • MaxExecution                                                                                       0
  • MaxExecutionMinutes                                                                        5
  • AddPriceGap                                                                                          0.0
  • TrailingStart                                                                                          1.0
  • Commission                                                                                           0.0
  • VolatilityPercentageLimit                                                                   0.0
  • UselndicatorSet                                                                                    134
  • UselndicatorSwitch                                                                              3
  • BBDeviation                                                                                          1.5
  • EnvelopesDeviation                                                                             0.07
  • OrderExpireSeconds                                                                            3600

IS Red EA Summary

Overall, the IS Black Scalper EA is an automated trading tool which allow traders to scalp the Gold market using Metatrader 4. By utilizing a combination of some useful indicators, the IS Black Scalper EA analyzes the market and identifies trades that can be executed with speed and accuracy.

It is important to note that, as with any trading strategy or tool, there is no guarantee of profitability with the IS Black Scalper EA. Traders should always exercise caution and use appropriate risk management techniques when trading with this or any other automated trading system. It is also recommended to use a demo account to test the EA’s performance and ensure that it is suitable for your trading style and risk tolerance before using real funds.

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